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Rae Morris Brush Collection review

Rae Morris Brush Collection review :

Another day, another event. I really wanted to show you all this one though because it’s up there with one of the best I’ve been to.

I was invited with a host of other bloggers to attend the launch of Australian Makeup Artist ExtraordinareRae Morris‘s new brush range. She’s designed each brush herself, and they’re handmade by 2 women in China, who work regular office hours (9-5! less than me!), using cruelty free blue squirrel hair from western China, and techniques from Japan.

The best part? The 26 piece set is $899, which means the average price of each brush is $34.57.  That’s an unbeatable deal.


Of course when these brushes come back in stock (and yes, I’m hopping on the waitlist) you can buy them individually.

My favorite brushes :

 Brush 3 (Ultimate cheek-tone), Brush 8 (Medium Pencil Liner), Brush 17which is a mascara applicator.

Quick side note: If you’ve ever wanted to get all those little tiny hairs that a normal mascara wand won’t pick up but your macro lens will, then you need Brush 17.

And contouring is so easy with Brush 3 – it’s the perfect shape.

Brush 21 (Deluxe Buffer), Brush 22 (Pro Powder), Brush 23 (Micro-Fibre Foundation), andBrush 24 (All Over Powder).

I’ve felt these brushes, and I spent over an hour absolutely in awe of Rae Morris while she talked passionately about the creation process behind them, and why each brush is shaped the way it is.

For example, most makeup artists shave the tips of even custom-made brushes so they’re finer and to the exact shape they want. Rae has taken the shaving that she used to do, and built that shape into each of her brushes.

In addition to that, each brush is rounded and the points are tapered. With fine adjustments in pressure, you can go from a very fine brush stroke, to pressure-blending. The softness of the bristles means the skin doesn’t move, so the makeup goes where it’s meant to, and blends with each stroke.

For environmentalists like me (emphasis on the mental) you’ll be pleased to know that the handles are made from recycled bamboo.

And – kicker alert – they’re magnetic. Ever ruined your makeup so badly that you wanted to throw something at a wall? Well if your wall is a fridge, Rae’s brushes are your friend and you can hurl to your heart’s content.

I really can’t rave about this brush range enough. I think – and this is a huge call – that it’s the best brush range I have ever seen. Full stop, the end, everyone else can stop trying.