Quick Lunch and snack Ideas – Keep It Simple

Quick Lunch and snack Ideas - Keep It Simple

I have had enough of Christmas eating and drinking. This year I am on a mission; with my clients and myself. This WILL be the healthiest year EVER. I am trying to forget that I have a wine fridge full of wine and I will no longer buy dark chocolate every time I am at Planet Organic; I swear. After all chocolate is a treat and not a food group right? The peanut butter WILL stop calling my name and I have officially kicked my caffeine habit.

When I am busy and I have not had eggs for breakfast I sometimes have them for lunch. I love eggs. Today they were fried in coconut oil and the tops basted with the yolk still runny. I served it over greens with balsamic vinegar and dumped all the oil from the fry pan on my greens to get all the healthy fat. I served it with some blueberries and that was my lunch. Simple, fast and delicious.

Lunch does not have to take that much effort. Tonight I am grilling up some great looking grass fed steak and I am making two so that I have some extra for lunch tomorrow. Plan a day ahead. Cook extra protein when making dinner for the next day or two. Make a big broccoli salad for dinner and the next day. Cut up vegetables in advance to put in egg muffins and omelets. For me when I am trying to stay on track my lunch is a big salad with lots of protein. Grilled chicken, bison, beef or fish; whatever you have around.

Quick Lunch Ideas
– sliced hardboiled eggs in a salad
– big salad with leftover chicken, beef, or bison from the night before
– scrambled eggs with veggies
– grilled sausage wrapped in a big green leaf, raw veggies, dark berries
– homemade soup with lots of protein
– salmon salad (made with salmon left from the night before)
– frittata made with swiss chard
– egg muffins and a salad
– broccoli salad with grilled chicken
– chicken stew from the night before
– roast chicken and asparagus

Snack Ideas
– cashew or almond butter on celery sticks
– turkey slices, 1/2 avacodo
– 1 1/2 hardboiled eggs, apple
– elevate bar or other clean protein bar
– FIT KIT (perfect portion of protein, fat and carb)
– small piece of sausage, nuts
– small apple and a piece of raw cheese

Lastly take time to eat your meals. Chew slowly and enjoy every bite.

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