Quick Hairstyles for Long Hair

Styling long hair can be a real challenge if you’re in a hurry to get your locks out of the way. If you’re washing your hair prior to styling it, you’ll have to dry it, detangle and prep before you can proceed to the actual hair styling so if you’re rushing, you’ll want the actual hair styling step to be a breeze. Here are some quick hairstyles for long hair that you can recreate for days like these.

  • HACKED MILKMAID BRAID – the milkmaid braid is super cute and it’s perfect for those who have long hair because it can really keep your hair away from your face for the whole day. However, the genuine milkmaid braid takes quite a while to do. For an easier version, do pigtail braids and then wrap them around and secure with a bobby pin. Voila! Instant milkmaid braids in under 5 minutes!

milkmaid braid emma stone

milkmaid braid hack milkmaid braid keira knightley milkmaid braid messy

  • HEADBAND TUCK – this is a great quick hairstyle if you want something a little messy and a little romantic. All you need to get this done is an elastic headband and some bobby pins (if you have layers). To get it done, put on your elastic headband and tuck small sections of hair all around the back to get a messy chignon look.

headband tuck bridal headband tuck how to headband tuck neat version headband tuck retro vibe

  • INVERTED BRAIDED BUN – love putting your hair up in a bun but wish it didn’t look so plain and boring all the time? Flip your hair and braid from the nape up then once you’re midway through braiding, gather your hair and put it up in a bun like usual. It’s going to look the same from the front but the pack is sure to pack an interesting surprise.

inverted braided bun inverted bun braid hair inverted bun braid

  • HALF UP CROWN BRAID – feel like letting your hair down today? How about a sweet half up crown braid to complete your girly look? Take a section of hair from each side and braid it then pull each braid to the back to make them meet and either tie them together with an elastic or pin them in place with bobby pins. Super quick, super easy and super cute.

half up crown braid hairstyle half up crown braid how to half up crown braid

  • POMPADOUR PONYTAIL – give your ponytail some personality by adding a pompadour. This extra step takes no more than 3 minutes but it will surely make your ponytail look more exciting and even a little edgy. Perfect for when you just want something simple and easy but nothing boring.

pompadour ponytail hair pompadour ponytail

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