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Quick Fix for Common Cold Weather Beauty Foes

The cold weather is upon us again and aside from being able to layer up on cozy clothes, that also means one other thing: winter skin and all the woes that it comes with. Now, from where I live we don’t have winter or snow or anything too crazy but the temps do drop pretty dramatically every single day so you can just imagine the kinds of things my skin has been going through lately and I’m pretty sure you’ve been fighting your own sort of skin woes, too. Here’s a list of quick fixes for common cold weather beauty foes to help you keep your skin nice, bright and glowing during this time of the year.

  • DRY SKIN – dry skin is one of the biggest and most common beauty woes anyone can ever have to deal with during the colder seasons of fall and winter. Once it starts to get cold, the skin tends to dry up more and if you don’t want that and you just want soft, supple glowing skin, you have to make sure that you’re well stocked up on moisturizer and that you apply it religiously on your skin. Exfoliation is another must but be very careful not to overdo it, otherwise you’ll end up with worse and irritated skin. Having a humidifier can immensely help keep your skin hydrated too.

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  • REDNESS FROM BREAKOUTS – breakouts are normal, especially if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin. In the winter, though, they may occur more frequently than you would like and they may show up more intensely so your usual light concealer may not be able to do the trick for you. To get rid of the redness caused by acne (and other winter-related elements), use a green based concealer. This is sure to diffuse the redness and cancel it out.

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  • STAINED TEETH – you worked hard all year to keep your teeth white by remembering to use those whitening strips all the time and visiting your dentist on a regular but now that the cold weather is here, you may notice that you teeth are starting to get stained a lot quicker. Well, that’s because this is usually the time when we drink more coffee, hot tea, hot choco and wine – all of which are heavy on staining the teeth. The key to keeping your teeth white is to get rid of the cause of the stain immediately so if you must drink these teeth-staining beverages, make sure to brush your teeth afterwards. Using a stronger whitening toothpaste and a whitening kit will also help lots.

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  • DRY, CRACKED LIPS – they’re not just unsightly, they’re painful as well. Dry cracked lips are easy to deal with, though. You just have to make sure you apply lip balm on as frequently as you can possibly remember during the day and use an extra-hydrating one before you go to bed at night. Exfoliating them regularly will help keep them from chafing and cracking.

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  • LIMP HAIR – this could be caused by a combination of not washing your hair enough and washing it with water that’s too hot for it to handle. To add body and volume to your limp winter hair without washing, try dry shampoo. If you have the time to wash your locks, use volumizing products and deep condition them at least once a week to bring back its body, volume and shine.

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