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Pure Micellar Water review

Pure Micellar Water

Pure Micellar Water2

Hello there pretty pinkish! so here is my Pure Micellar Water review!

So, it all started with bioderma , i wondered how long it would take for a budget brand to cotton on, but well – Pure, got there!
So, another makeup remover water – i like this, it does budge makeup, compared to the loreal one its not as strong – however for a budget price its well worth the money. I find this works better for me in the morning to get rid of any last traces and feels brilliantly refreshing on the skin leaving it squeaky clean. Unfragranced means it just feels like a water to the skin, but with more benefits! Overall for a price of £1.99 – this is well worth the doller, especially when the next one up is £5, time to tighten the purse strings and not loose out!