Puffer Jackets in Winter

Winter demands we wear puffer jackets. Temperature dropped low enough in Chicago and other places, resulting into the birth of a new word “Chiberia” which¬† is totally trending and hashtags of it are causing traffic online . What do we need since it’s obviously more than just a sweater weather? Thicker cover-ups! And there’s nothing like a fashionable puffer jacket to warm you up and glamorize your look at the same time in this snow cold season.

If you’re going out, make sure you’re all covered up enough not to get frozen. It’s health, safety and fashion advice. Yes, fashion, because you wouldn’t want to look underdressed or inappropriately dressed for the weather. So it’s actually better to look over-the-top? Definitely, because it’s winter and you have every right to wear layers till you feel cozied enough in those clothes.

How to wear a puffer jacket- never without boots and inner layers of clothes. Don’t, no matter what you’re planning to do, wear lingerie alone beneath a puffer coat. Real life’s way different from the movies and we’d all rather live than freeze to death. There’s no rule in styling with puffer jackets but no matter how comfortable and safe you want to feel in them, never forget that appearance matters. You don’t want to look sloppy and stuffed despite the lazy winter chills. The following are some ways to wear a puffer jacket:

1. Chanel Style. Sophisticated is how the classic brand’s look has always been described. If you want to look classy, wear a black and white, pure black, or neutral color puffer jacket and have only two tints or colors in your outfit. In this photo, black dominates the whole look yet it’s the creamy white outerwear that catches the eye.






2. Hollywood Glam. Feel like a fashion guru in an all black ensemble, a statement jacket or choose a puffer jacket with fur. If you want some color, pick the brightest ones.





3. Avant Garde. Streetwise, it’s also called “whatever”. Yes, put anything on and when you check yourself in the mirror, don’t hesitate to change if you don’t like what you see. Winter dressing is all about layers, keeping warm. You can’t get away with less clothes but no fashion police would ever arrest you for covering up.






Thinking of wearing a short skirt? You’d better have thick pants or tights on as well. It’s snowy, not sunny so better wear more clothes. If you’re superhuman, however, go dare to go out looking like this-