Proportion Tips and Tricks in Fashion

In fashion (as with everything else,) the right proportion is important! If you don’t consider this, you might end up as the star of next week’s Fashion Police! Look as perfect as the world’s hottest style stars by following these proportions tips and tricks in fashion.

A-Line Dress

There are many dresses out there, but if you want to emerge a style star, then follow these proportion tips. For one, if you want to look slimmer, then you need to highlight your waist – which is undoubtedly the smallest part of your torso. Whenever you want to look your best, know that you can do so with an A-line dress.

victoria beckham black a-line dress

floral a-line dress

Crop Top + Maxi

A crop top plus maxi combo goes is one of the most useful proportion tips in fashion. After all, these two pieces can help you create a streamlined look. Remember, if you want to have longer legs, then make sure to wear a maxi skirt. As for the top, it should be cropped. Avoid pieces that go below the skirt’s waistline as it will defeat your purpose of creating longer, leaner legs.

vanessa hudgens crop top and maxi skirt white crop top and maxi skirt

Go Deep

Showing your chest or your cleavage can make you look sexy, but do you know that it goes beyond that? This is actually one of the most helpful proportion tips to follow. By wearing a deep-V top, you draw the attention towards your face, and away from your problem areas. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone.

nicola peltz deep v top black deep v top

Be About Balance

Voluminous tops are all the rage nowadays. But if you don’t want to get lost in a sea of fabric, then follow the proportion tips on balance. Should you go with a flowy blouse, wear it skimpy pants for a sexy and evenhanded look.

red voluminous top voluminous top

High Belt it

A belt is a fashion work of wonder. In fact, it is one of the highlights of most proportion tips. While it’s very useful for most fashion woes, the best thing about wearing a belt is that it can further cinch your waistline. To achieve this look, wear your belt higher than you normally would. Not only will this make you look slimmer, it can help you achieve a sexier hourglass figure as well.

cara delevingne high belted outfit high belted dress

Tie Your Waist

Apart from the high belt, tying your waist is one of the proportion tips that can help you out. Like the belt, it can accentuate your curvy figure. While a tie belt is one of the easiest ways to tie your waist, you can always experiment with other styles – such as tying a jacket around your torso.

tie waist top tie waist shirt tie waisted jacket

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