Primark False Eyelashes Review

Hello everyone! here is my Primark Lashes review!primark lashes

I never ever wear eyelashes simply because my lashes are quite long anyway as you may have seen in my previous posts on mascara, but when i was in primark the other day and going to the till i noticed they had different false lashes that were only £1 each. My friend decided to get some so i thought why not, atleast if i dont use them i can use them on a freelance job or a friends make over. Ive used eyelure lashes before and im not sure if my eyes are just too wide but the corners just dont stick down, i havent tried false lashes in about 3 year now, my friends wear them everyday and they do look lush so i thought i may aswell try these for £1!!!! I was working that night as a ring girl at the boxing and forgot to get mascara whilst i was out so it was a perfect opportunity to wear the lashes. I tried the glue on my hand first of all and it was very sticky so i was confident they should stick to my eye easily. The lashes dont seem like real hair yet they still look good. I purchased one of the thinest pair. They stuck on my eye perfectly and they looked amazing!! I didnt need to re apply at any point during the night and whats more i re used them saturday and sunday night and there is still use in them. They did make a massive difference and made my eyes look bigger & alot more glam. I dont want to get too addicted as i dont want my natural lashes falling out :/ because i would literally cry for the next year ha but for now and again they are gorgeous. Now for all you eyelash conisseurs out there you may not like them compared to eyelure, katy perry, girls aloud, MAC ones etc…but for all you girls that want a first try at lashes or want to purchase cheaper ones on a regular basis these are more than worthy and you could buy 6 sets or more for the same price as the above named ones. I love them and i will definatley buy them again and use them for make overs.

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