Pout Perfection Review

Stop the search! My quest for the perfect pout is over! Thanks to two new wonder products which I have stumbled upon in the last 6 weeks or so. Here is how this miracle occurred…Here is my review of Pout Perfection  !

So first of all there I am waiting in the Topshop queue to purchase my new leopard print leggings (which finally made it into the Tall section!) and I see a girl testing this vibrant red lipstick.

“Oooh!” I thought, “That looks like a nice colour but I’m not sure about Topshop make-up after being disappointed with their nail varnishes and eye shadows…Do I leave my place in the rather long queue to investigate or pay and leave?”
But I am so glad I investigated as this particular shade I spotted is my dream match!

Hello ‘Mischief’:

Pout Perfection

Priced at just £8, this is an utter bargain! It glides on evenly, has a subtle satin finish, is ultra moisturising and totally long lasting – it literally is everything I want in a lipstick! It’s a shade of red that I’m quite sure will suit most skin tones as it’s not too warm or cool in tone, it’s just a gorgeous shade of telephone box red which I cannot stop wearing:

Pout Perfection1

As I have been so impressed with this particular lipstick I have now purchased two more colours from the Topshop range, ‘Beguiled’ and ‘Rumour Has It’, but I have to say these do not live up to ‘Mischief’ for different reasons, but I will be reviewing them in a different blog post soon.
Now I have mentioned on my blog before that I find it hard to wear lipsticks, as after a drink or two I smudge them and end up looking like a clown. But my second wonder product combats this problem in one easy step!
 Meet ‘Lipcote’:
Pout Perfection2
Now I have often looked at this product and pondered purchasing it, but I’ve always thought it to be for much, much older ladies… I think this is because ‘Lipcote’ has been around forever, and clearly this is because it is a brilliant product and after reading a recommendation in a magazine I decided for £3.35 I should give it a whirl!
It can take a little getting used to, but I’ll give you a quick run through of how mine works for me:
  • First of all I apply a layer of lipstick, leave for a minute to set then blot on some tissue. I then apply a second layer of lipstick, and again I leave it for a minute before blotting again.
  • I then apply a very thin layer of ‘Lipcote’ over the top to seal my lipstick. Now this does tingle, and I have to say it doesn’t feel a million miles away from putting nail varnish remover on you’re lips, but once dry it keeps your lipstick in place like nothing else I have tried!
Now there are a couple of things I should point out before I tell you all to run out and buy ‘Lipcote’ – Do make sure you only apply a thin layer as too much and it becomes really sticky, which is irritating and will make you want to remove it immediately! Also, I wouldn’t say ‘Lipcote’ is compatible with every lipstick, I recently tried it over one and to begin with it looked fine, but within 30 minutes the lipstick had congealed and made me look very much like I had burgundy scales on my lips…not a good look! So do try ‘Lipcote’ over a lipstick to check it’s compatible before wearing it out of the house.
So there you have it, my tips for a festively red perfect pout!
Have any of you guys tried either of these products? I’d love to know if you’re as impressed as me?! Or do you have some recommendations for other lip products/lipsticks you think I should be using? I’m always up for suggestions!


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