Posh Ways to Wear Fur

Fur has always been something that we associate with class and elegance but more than that, it’s something that we associate with the colder seasons like fall and winter. Fur pieces become more dominant in the fashion scene during fall and winter because they’re perfect for adding warmth and comfort to your style. The addition of fur to any piece or outfit also makes it instantly fancier and more dressy. Now, there are lots of controversies surrounding the use of fur in fashion and if you’re concerned and want a more animal-friendly alternative, know that you can always go for faux fur pieces as well. Check out these posh ways to wear fur this fall and coming winter and tell us how you would be wearing yours.

  • LONG FUR – looking for something truly lavish and plush, go for a piece with long fur. This will lend any outfit that exuberant vibe without taking away the chic aura of your overall look. Fall and winter essentials that have long fur are often more warm so wear them by late fall and into winter. These are perfect for when you want to keep your layers to a minimum but don’t want to compromise comfort and warmth.

thick long fur

lush long fur long white fur gray long fur

  • FUR GILET – weather not too cold for a full on fur coat yet? How about topping off your outfits with a chic fur gilet instead? Fur gilets are perfect for early to mid fall outfits. They add just the same fancy and dressy vibe to any look but aren’t as warm as fur coats so you can wear more layers underneath.

cute fur gilet fur gilet and denim shirt puffy fur gilet soft pink fur gilet

  • FUR COLLAR – if you think a full on fur coat or even a fur vest is too much bulk to add to your silhouette and you can’t afford any more junk, you can always opt for a fur collar instead. Some coats and jackets have built in fur collars but if you can’t get your hands on those you can buy stand alone fur collars instead that you can simply wrap around your neck or attach to other tops, collared or not.

dress with fur collar knit sweater and fur collar leather jacket adn fur collar red fur collar

  • COLORED FUR – if you’re going for faux fur, you might as well have a little more fun with it and opt for the colored ones. Pink fur is impossible if you’re planning on sticking to genuine fur but if you’re okay with going faux, you can definitely get one that looks chic and fabulous. Colored fur is the perfect addition to street style looks. It gives you the warmth you need while still keeping the ‘street’ feel of it. You can also try multi-colored fur coats though these have more of that faux look to them but if you don’t mind, they’re definitely worth a shot.

colorful fur coat layered color on fur coat pink fur outfit

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