Plus Size Layering Tips

Being a plus size woman can be challenging when it comes to fashion because not a lot of stores carry bigger sizes which is really a bummer. This is why I really admire plus size girls who know how to dress up and carry themselves fabulously. This fall, we all know that one of the most stylish things one can do to keep warm is to layer up but even that can be an issue for women on the heavier side. Unless you’re fine with looking like you have an extra 10 pounds added to your physique (and I don’t know a lot who are okay with that), piling on more clothes is not the wisest thing to do. However, there are certain tricks that plus size women can use so they can layer up and still look fab. Check out these plus size layering tips that will help you look gorgeous and comfy and cozy for the season.

  • LIMIT LAYERS TO A MAXIMUM OF THREE – if it’s not too cold outside, you can probably do without the layers and just go for one rather heavy piece so you can keep warm. If it’s too chilly, though, you can go ahead and layer up but make sure to keep it to a maximum of three so that you don’t add any more extra bulk to your physique.

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  • GO FOR SLIM SILHOUETTES – this doesn’t mean that everything you wear for layering has to be fitted, no. This simply means that if you intend to layer your clothes on, you should go for pieces with silhouettes that won’t make you look frumpy. Anything too loose or baggy is obviously a no-no and anything skin tight (if you ever choose to wear any) should be limited to one piece and should be the base layer.

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  • BUILD UP SOME STRUCTURE – the key to looking great when you’re a plus size doing some layering is to build up some structure so you don’t look too rotund, especially on your upper half. Opt for a structured top instead of slouchy ones, cinch a shapeless dress by the waist to emphasize / create curves, try an empire waist cut – anything to add more structure to your frame will ensure that you will look fab in your layered ensemble.

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  • CHOOSE YOUR FABRICS WISELY – while that wool sweater and that fuzzy wuzzy cardigan may seem so temptingly cute and cozy, it’s best to leave it out for when you can wear them on their own because the fabrics are too chunky to layer up. Instead, go for lightweight fabrics because they will eventually warm up once layered anyway.

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  • AIM FOR ELONGATION – another really great tip for plus size women who don’t want to look any plumper when layering is to aim for elongation. Looking tall will stretch out your silhouette and will trick the eyes into seeing a slimmer figure. Wearing high heels is the easiest way to elongate your physique but there are lots of other styling tricks that you can use, too.

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