Plume Perfume – Gingerbread & Fir review

Plume Perfume – Gingerbread & Fir review :

I first came across indie perfume brand Plume Perfumes via Another Perfume Blogand her wonderful reviews of the Fall/Winter scents: Gingerbread & Fir, Saffron & Balsam and Coffee & Cedar. After investigating the brand and looking into their Etsy store, I decided to order a few samples including the three Fall/Winter limited edition scents.Plume Perfumes was only just created this year by a very talented indie perfumer called Tara, based out of Tulsa Oklahoma. On her website, Tara says “I take great pride in hand-blending fragrances for men and women from 100% natural and botanical essences. My fragrances never contain synthetics or chemicals, making them a better choice for you and for the environment.”

For more information about the brand and to get the stories behind some of her scents check out the Plume Perfume blog.

Gingerbread & Fir – Limited Edition Fall/Winter scent

The image that I got from the title of this scent includes a heavily decorated gingerbread man (much like the one from Shrek, complete with gumdrop buttons) prancing about a forest of emerald green fir trees. It was a happy, cheerful and festive scene albeit somewhat cartoon-ish. However, the first thing that I noticed when actually wearing Gingerbread & Fir  was that the ginger note initially felt much more like a knob of ginger that was being grated, than the sugary, doughy scent of a gingerbread man.

As Gingerbread & Fir develops the ginger note does become sweeter, although never so sweet as the decorated variety of gingerbread men that you see before Christmas. It’s much more like a spicy, homemade gingerbread cookie complete with a generous sprinkle of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg. There is a wonderful, almost oily, wood note in Gingerbread & Fir that makes me think of freshly stained and polished furniture.

In addition to the ginger and woods there is a very faint greenery, much like the smell of a distant forest. It’s almost devoured by the spices but the faint forest note just manages to break through, leaving the impression that it might be wonderfully fragrant and green outside.

Apart from making me crave ginger cookies, Gingerbread and Fir is a gorgeous scent that’s perfect for Christmas. It has all the warmth that I expect from a good Fall (or Autumn for the Aussie readers) inspired scent and it has the perfect amount of gourmand notes to make it a ‘festive season’ option (because I do like my warm, spicy gourmand scents this time of year.)Wear it and indulge in some ginger cookies or a spice chai tea.

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