Pink Hair Dye – Splat Pink Fetish review

Splat Pink Fetish Hair Dye review and look :

HI! I get bored very easily and I have found that I often turn to hair dye to cure my restlessness. My last at-home project was bleaching my ends and layering a brown on top in order to achieve an ombre look. It worked alright, but instead of a brown tone on my ends it turned more of a reddish color. I blame the years I spent dying my hair jet black. Removing black dye isn’t easy and I expected the bleaching to turn it a brassy orange…so I saw the final result coming from a mile away. I was actually very happy with it and loved the slight change from black to brown-ish red as my hair went down.

Now, if you haven’t already guessed, I love pink hair !Splat Pink ombre hair

I decided to see if I could give my ends a pink color with Splat Pink Fetish Hair Dye. I used the bleach blonde color from Spat before (for the ombre) so I kinda knew what I was doing…but I was stressed none-the-less. I didn’t want to fry my ends..and frankly, I was just anxious for the end result. As you will see…it takes forever if you are impatient like me. Also, its a mess! Be careful because the bleach and color will get everywhere if you aren’t super vigilant…and it stains. It’s almost impossible to not make a mess so I put towels over pretty much everything in my tiny bathroom.

First step was using the bleach included in the kit. I applied it in a pretty carefree manner without foil. Last time I did use foil but I was lazy this morning. I lathered on the bleach mixture on my ends making sure some chunks of hair had bleach going up higher and some had it a little lower. I didn’t want a stark line of color change. A note of warning – wear gloves! It can burn skin….trust me, I know!Splat Pink Fetish Hair Dye before

Tip: Wear an old shirt or a white one so the bleach doesn’t ruin it!

I let the bleach set for about 50 min. The Splat instructions give you time suggestions depending on your hair color, but the general rule is going for anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on how dark your hair is, how natural or not your current color is, and how vibrant you want the pink (or whatever color you choose) to turn out in the second step. I have so much dye in my hair built up that it takes me a bit of time. The longer you leave it on, the closer your hair will turn to pale blond, and in turn, the more vibrant the color will be. One good thing about not using foil was that I could see the general color change on my ends. I saw them turning orange as time went on. I suggest checking every 10 minutes. I quit at 50 because I didn’t want to push it. I knew my pink color wouldn’t be a pure pink because I was going to be layering it over the resulting orange color. After the time passed I just hopped in the shower and washed my hair well to stop the oxidizing process. Then you have to blow dry it before you add the color. As I said earlier, it’s kinda a pain in the butt because of the mess and the amount of time it can take.

Here’s pictures after the first step:Splat Pink Fetish Hair Dye - bleached ends

I know! So scary…tooooo orange!

Don’t panic at this point if the color seems off. More likely than not, your color will correct the tone you see in the mirror right now. 🙂

So I immediately started to add the pink dye. It was such a struggle to keep this dye away from household surfaces and my skin. I used an old towel around my neck and gloves, but it was not easy at all. I was so afraid I would get pink patchy skin. All I did was separate my hair into two sections with ponytails and apply the gloopy glop as best as I could.

Splat Pink Fetish review

After pink dye

I left this on for 25 minutes. Anywhere from 15 to 30 seems to work. The longer you leave it on, the longer the color result will last. As a side note, I learned form both online reviews and the Splat instructions that the color will wash out a little in each shower you take from then on. I was kind of turned off from that…but I thought maybe it wouldn’t be too bad. Be prepared to have tons of pink dye come out the first shower…and from that point on a little each time. Suprisingly it doesn’t ruin the effect, and I kind of love my hair now more after a couple washes. It kind of makes the color a little less harsh.

Here’s what it turned out to look like. This is only one wash and no styling. It was pretty shocking and more red than I expected, but as I mentioned above…it fades with time. Splat Pink Fetish Hair Dye result

I actually liked it. It was different and appealed to my crazy, easily bored side.

Another tip: condition, condition, condition…go even as far as to buy a deep conditioning mask to use on an every other day basis…you hair will need the mositure bad!

I have been admiring my new pink dip dye hair quite a bit! It was a time-sucking process and there is always (ALWAYS) a chance something could go horribly wrong and the end result is hair damage and tears…but it is a risk I took for the sake of beauty experiments. I like what I ended up with and could only point to the mess as a real downside…but what are you going to do about that? It’s a shame I don’t have my own personal hair salon attachment on my apartment where I could make a mess and not worry too much. Oh wellllll…

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