Perfect Vampy Plum Lipstick Shades Worn by Your Favorite Celebs

The colder the days get, the darker our lips get. Now that we’re well into fall and soon into winter, bright and light lips are starting to slowly disappear from the beauty scene and sexy dark lips are becoming more popular. Do you have your own favorite shade of dark lipstick / lip color? Or would you rather wear nudes when wearing bright and light colors isn’t an option? If you’re looking for ideas on what lip color shades would look good, check out these perfect vampy plum lipstick shades worn by your favorite celebs for inspiration.

  • Lancome Rouge in Love (Shade: Berry in Love) – Emma Watson is one of the best stars from her generation and she’s one of the prettiest, too. Emma often wears simple looks that are age-appropriate. One really vampy color that she’s been seen wearing is from Lancome’s Rouge in Love line in the shade Berry in Love. It’s a vibrant berry color that’s not too dark yet still has that sexy, vampy vibe to it.

emma watson

emma watson lancome berry in love

  • MAC Diva – MAC has always been a favorite for many makeup lovers and their classic shades are a must-have for anyone who’s into great quality lipsticks with fantastic color variation. Speaking of classic shades, if you’re looking for the perfectly sultry plum-ish color, try Diva by MAC. It’s what Beyonce was wearing in her Haunted video.

beyonce beyonce haunted mac diva

  • Tom Ford (Bruised Plum) – looking for a lighter take on the plum lip trend happening this winter? Take it from Minka Kelly and go for a Tom Ford lipstick in the shade Bruised Plum. It’s the perfect shade of plum to go with a simple and fresh evening look.

kelly minka kelly minka wearing bruised plum tom ford bruised plum

  • Buxom Full Bodied Lipstick (Menace) – feel like channeling your inner RiRI on? Get this bad gal’s look from her River Island launch by starting off with lining your lips with a plum lip liner then filling it in. Make the outline as precise as you can. Finish off the look with a coat or two of Buxom’s Full Bodied Lipstick in the shade Menace and you’re good to go.

rihanna buxom lipstick rihanna buxom full bodied menace

  • MAC Heroine and Pure Heroine – Lorde’s dark lips will forever be a part of the first impression she’s left us all since she broke into the music industry. It’s so iconic that MAC has even collaborated with her to release her own collection featuring lipstick shades that will help anyone’s lips get to Lorde status: Heroine and Pure Heroine.

lorde for mac lorde lipstick

  • Shiseido Lacquer Rouge (Hellebore) – Lily Collins may have the best brows in Hollywood but her lips during the Givenchy show in Paris prove that her lips are just as gorgeous and enviable. To copy Lily’s look from that night, load up on mascara, style your brows bold and the go for Shiseido’s Lacquer Rouge in the shade Hellebore.

lily collins open smile lily collins shiseido hellebore

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