Perfect Bags For School Or Work

Bags for Schoolgirls and Career Women

We’re here to help you find the perfect bags for school or work. If you’re a working girl or student, then this post is exactly for you. Now you must already have a bag but is it the right one? Of course, we can always carry around whatever type of bag we like. However, there’s always an appropriate purse for every outfit and destination. Where are you going and what are you wearing? It’s easy to dress up or down with a bag. The following are quick tips on how to choose the perfect bags, whether you’re off to class or to your job.

1. Massive Totes. You can bring it to school or work. Being big and spacey, it’s a good bag to carry  all the things you need from notebooks to books to makeup kits and more. The great thing is, you can wear totes with anything. it’s one of the most versatile handbags ever.


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2. Handy Backpacks. It’s fun and fresh to look at schoolgirls with their chic backpacks and outfits. Neutral shades make good bags. There are so many ways to carry a back pack and dress for it. You can be girly, street or look preppy.And yes, you can carry backpacks and heels at the same time.

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3. Classy Clutches. Be it in a bright hue or dull color, a clutch is an interesting bag that can store not so much stuff but still appropriate for school or work. Don’t overload your clutch or else it would look bulky and it’s not such an attractive sight. If you think you need to bring too many to fit in a small purse, then get a tote, satchel or any bigger handbag.

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4. Sophisticated Leather. If black leather jackets can upgrade an outfit, so can a hot leather handbag. Available in various colors, leather bags are sturdy and now designed in many innovative styles. All different kinds of bags can be made in leather.


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5. Sexy Shoulder Bags. Care to carry less? Not all shoulder bags can carry so many things as totes and messenger bags do. If you want to look fab and feel light, however, you can always opt for these.