Outfits Inspired by the Iconic Kate Moss

At just 1.70 meters, Kate Moss has become a force to reckon with in the world of modeling. Because of her waifish figure, she has become the muse of many high-fashion houses, from Gucci and Chanel to Dolce and Gabbana.

Despite her notorious party girl lifestyle, Kate remains to be one of the most stylish models in the world. Get this muse’s look with her signature pieces and outfits.

Printed Button-Down Shirt

Button-down skirts are classic staples, perfect for a stylish work day or a romp out with friends. Kate, however, managed to take it to a higher level with her preference for bold, printed button-downs. The key to achieving Kate’s look is to wear a graphic button-down shirt with plain bottoms, such as jeans or a solid-colored trouser.

kate moss in orange button down

monochromatic button down strawberry print button down


While others have veered away from turtlenecks, Kate Moss wore them with open arms. Whether chunky or fine-knit, she did not have any problems rocking them. Look as timeless as Kate by pairing this warming top with rugged skinny jeans.

Supermodel Kate Moss is spotted walking around the streets of London chunky turtleneck gray turtleneck

Bomber Jacket

For the longest time, Kate Moss has been the epitome of ‘grunge.’ This perhaps, paved the way for her penchant for bomber jackets. She is often seen in this outerwear, sometimes in a shocking neon pink color. Because of its edgy design, you can easily copy Kate’s look. That’s because a bomber jacket can be worn with basically anything!

kate moss in bomber jacket floral bomber jacket printed bomber jacket


Truly rebellious, Kate Moss has no qualms expressing her love for fur. She loves fur coats, stoles, the whole nine.

kate moss in fur

This signature Kate look is perfect this winter, as it can keep you warm and stylish throughout the plummeting temperatures. You don’t necessarily have to purchase signature fur items that only Kate can afford, as you will surely look dashing in faux fur pieces.

white fur coat brown fur coat

Skinny Jeans

The skinny jeans is perhaps the easiest thing to borrow from Kate’s closet. However, if you like to channel her look, you have to keep her ‘grunge’ mantra in mind. Of course, the best way to do so is to wear your skinny jeans with any of Kate’s aforementioned signature pieces.

kate moss in skinny jeans distressed skinny jeans blue skinny jeans

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