Outfit Ideas for Ankle Boots

For most women, ankle boots (or booties) are hard to match with stylish outfits. Because they end at the ankles, they can give the appearance of heftier legs. But as it has been said, beauty is in the eye (and in this case, the styling) of the beholder. Here are some chic outfit ideas that can help you rock that stylish pair of ankle boots.

Nip and Tuck

There’s nothing a few nips and tucks won’t do. Avoid the “chunky legs” look by tucking your pants inside your ankle boots. This flattering styling tip will make your legs look longer than usual. Lightweight denim pants and a nice pair of leggings are sure to look good with your booties.

Plaid + Booties = Perfect


 Cuff It

Another way to rock your cute pair of ankle boots is to wear it with cuffed jeans. Roll your denim hem several times so that it will show some piece of your ankle skin. This styling fools the eyes, as your booties can make your legs look skinnier and thinner.

Useful tip: Do this trick with skinny pants only, as pairing cuffed boyfriend-cut/straight pants with booties can make you look smaller and chunkier.

Rugged Chic

Rugged Chic

Blazer and Booties

Dress It Up

Look girly – but with a bit of spunk – by matching your ankle boots with your favorite dress. What’s great about booties is that you can match it easily with a vibrant summer dress. If the outside temperature proves too much for you, wear your ankle boots with tights. Another chilly-weather option is a maxi dress.

You can wear just the dress with booties – or with a funky piece of outerwear. For this season, make sure to top your look with a trendy cardigan or jacket, lest you want to suffer from a bad case of autumn colds.

Black is Beautiful

Get Shorty

Boots are usually used during the colder months. But since booties end at the ankle, this pair is good for summer styling as well. Be scorching hot like the sun by pairing your ankle boots with a rugged pair of denim shorts. Pair your booties with a plain-colored top, a stylish scarf and eye-catching accessories. Voila! Instant fashionista!

When it comes to stylish footwear, nothing compares to the trendiness of booties. So what are you waiting for? If you still don’t have a pair, get some ankle boots today!

Booties are the Best!

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