OPI Muppets Most Wanted Nail Lacquers Review

OPI Muppets Most Wanted Nail Lacquers Review 



I quite literally squealed with excitment when I first saw the promo images months back for OPI’sChristmas collection, The Muppets; I frickin loved Kermit and Miss Piggy as a kid so the combination of childhood nostalgia and nails for me was a definite winner and one worthy of purchases!

Originally, I had only planned on buying the mini collection of four polishes, or lacquers as OPI like to call them but when I saw the bottle of glitteryness (on the left) I had to grab that one too.

I don’t own many glitter or shimmer polishes in my collection as usually they aren’t really my thing but this collection is so festive and sparkalicious that I couldn’t resist, my tacky side is loving it!

Mini Nail Lacquer Collection
OPI Muppets Most Wanted Nail Lacquers Review 1
Wocka Wocka!, Excuse Moi!, Designer...de Better! and Warm and Fozzie.

When OPI says mini boy do they mean mini; these baby sized bottles are teeny weeney, each one contains just 3.75ml which is almost a fifth of a full sized OPI.

Now, I know that it’s not a lot and I do reckon that if you liked a shade you’d go through it like no ones business but in my opinion they’re still a great way to try shades out without splashing the cash.

The collection is made up of four shades, three shimmers and one glitter.

OPI Muppets Most Wanted Nail Lacquers Review 2
R-L: Wocka Wocka!, Excuse Moi!, Designer... de Better!, Warm & Fozzie and Rainbow Connection (more on that later).
OPI Muppets Most Wanted Nail Lacquers Review 3
Wocka Wocka! and Excuse Moi!

Wocka Wocka! is a deep raspberry red, a true Christmas colour. It is described as a shimmer shade but visually there are no shimmer particles in it, although when applied it does have a slight metallic dimension to it.

Excuse Moi! is the only glitter in the mini collection and a gorgeous one at that; it’s a hot pink glitter with larger multicoloured glitter particles in it, very girly!
OPI Muppets Most Wanted Nail Lacquers Review 4

Designer…de Better! and Warm & Fozzie.

Designer… de Better! is quite possibly one of my favourite from the entire collection and one I didn’t think I’d like at first. It’s a stunning spaceage silver that’s littered with tonnes of hot pink glitter, super pretty on.

Warm & Fozzie is very autumnal, it’s a metallic copper shot through with tonnes of green and red glitter, gorgeously unique.

The set costs £12.75 which I don’t think is a bad price considering I love all four shades but I’m already halfway through Designer… de Better!, on the plus side these pint sized polishes may mean I might actually finish a bottle or two?

Rainbow Connection
OPI Muppets Most Wanted Nail Lacquers Review 5

‘Someday we’ll find it, the rainbow connection, the lovers, the dreamers and me’ 

I had to have this polish, the magpie in me had to buy this; just looking at the bottle makes me happy.

Rainbow Connection is a clear polish absolutely jam packed with glitter of all shades, shapes and sizes.

Have you ever seen anything so pretty?

OPI Muppets Most Wanted Nail Lacquers Review 6
Applied on top of black and alone on my ring finger.
It’s no problem to apply and looks great alone or on top of plain polish, it can be worn lightly or layered for the ultimate glitter nail.Looking at it you’d think that it would be a b**ch to get off but surprisingly because it’s quite chunky it’s easily removed, not that you’d want to remove it once it’s on, I’m addicted; it’s a Muppet must have for sure.I think it’s safe to say that if your not a fan of glitter or shimmer and won’t be swayed like me then I’d avoid The Muppets collection but if you do like the look of it there are 6 full sized glitters and 6 shimmers altogether plus the minis.So for all you magpies out there don’t be a muppet and miss the chance to grab your glitter fix before it goes, a few online stockists are HQ Hair and Asos .

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