Olivia Palermo Style Tips

Olivia Palermo is undoubtedly one of the hottest fashionistas of today. She is one of the chosen few who can pull off the riskiest fashion trends like it’s nobody’s business. If you want to achieve the chic style of the reality star-cum-blogger, then keep these Olivia Palermo style tips in mind.

Casual Clothes are for Nighttime as Well

Many ladies have managed to transform night pieces into day items, but it is only Olivia who can wear daytime clothes to a nighttime event. If you want to look flawless and comfy just like her, then make sure to follow the Olivia Palermo style tips on dressing up. It’s not about the bling, as nighttime dressing is all about looking stylish and posh.

black romper

casual outfit casual pants outfit

Suit up!

While ‘suit up’ is Barney Stinson’s trademark catchphrase, Olivia Palermo style tips advocate for suiting up as well. Whether you are headed for the office or a topnotch private event, it pays to wear a crisp, tailored suit. Just make sure to inject your personal style by wearing a cute statement accessory or a bright pair of shoes.

black suit black pantsuit white suit

White is Right

There are many unwritten rules about wearing white. Some say you shouldn’t wear it after Labor Day, but Olivia begs to differ. In fact, Olivia Palermo style tips show that you can wear all-white whenever, wherever. It just boils down to styling and accessorizing. Break the monotony with colorful accessories for an all-white look that’s not just for a bride.

white graphic dress white dress all white outfit

Stripes and Stripes

Styling stripes is dangerous enough as it is, but Olivia Palermo style tips show that you can mix the different kinds of stripes accordingly. It’s all about minding common elements – whilst looking for contrast. Limit the stripes on your clothing. Like Olivia, you need to simplify your bag, shoes, and other accessories should you decide to try this trend.

colorful striped outfit striped outfit

Denim Shirt Rules

Denim pants are must-haves for every girl. But if you want to heel the Olivia Palermo style tips, then add a denim shirt to your list of all-time essentials. After all, you can wear it with anything, I mean anything! The simple style of the denim shirt makes it a fashionable equivalent to the basic white t-shirt.

denim shirt and white skirt denim shirt and mini skirt

Fashion for Transition

Olivia Palermo style tips hover on transitional clothing. Even if the season has changed, it doesn’t mean that you should keep the previous season’s clothes in your closet for good. It’s all about mixing items from summer or spring with that of autumn or winter. Combining these pieces can help you achieve multiple looks for the ever-changing seasons.

orange vest outfit lace dress and scarf

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