O.P.I : nail essentials

here is my O.P.I : nail essentials

Before I even start to think about what colour to lacquer my claws with (don’t even get me started!) I reach for these three things..nail essentials
I never ever cut my nails.. I know, grosssss! But, I prefer to file them, that way I can always keep the same nice shape and never end up taking off too much length, mine are from MAC. These are really cute travel sized files, one side is rough with the MAC logo and the other side is just plain black, I got them in a pack of three, but my first one is now completely annihilated from overuse!
My other two essentials are from O.P.I, firstly I apply two coats of the Ridge Filler which is INCREDIBLE. Extremely fast drying and creates a hard shell to help apply your colour polish evenly, this also conceals any yellowish tones on your nails which is great if your a polish fiend like me and your nails rarely see daylight for more than one minute from one week to the next. I also use this as a base colour when I do a French Polish as it brings out the lovely baby pink of your nail bed.
Once I’ve applied at least 2 coats of my lucky chosen colour, I throw on a quick final layer of RapiDry TopCoat which really lives up to it’s name. No more walking around like edward scissor hands and your heart stopping every time you need to pick something up or try to read a text message! This isn’t the shiniest of topcoats though, which is a bit of a downside but I guess that’s the price you pay for such a fast drying topcoat.
Boring, but necessary 🙂

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