NYX Powder Blush In Taupe Review

I was pretty giddy when I heard that Next stores would be stocking NYX, it’s a brand I’ve always liked the look of but it was always pretty unobtainable in the UK unless you ordered online which I’m not a huge fan of when it comes to cosmetics.

1 nyx blush

2 blush nyx

3 mac and nyx

Even thought I could have left the shop with the entire contents of the NYX stand I managed a little self restraint and left with just one product, a powder blush in ‘Taupe’.I’ve seen so many positive things about this blush it was a no brainier that it’d be the first thing I try from the brand. Taupe is a subtle matte shade, it’s a true taupe colour, a slight mix of lavender and ashy brown. Honestly, it doesn’t look that special in the pan, but when applied it’s a little bit of cheek magic I swear! It’s so easy to apply, it’s not too dark so you can really work with it, build it up and even over do it a little without having dreaded ‘muddy cheeks’.I don’t really use it as a blush instead I use it as a contour, this little beauty was made to contour it’s the perfect shade to bring shape to my moon face. I don’t wear a blush with it as it look perfect on it’s own I will however apply a small amount of highlighter above it just to y’know, help out with the whole moon face situation.I’m currently having a wee love affair with Taupe and I can see why so many others have before me and for £6.00 it’s totally worth it!

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