Nude by Nature Natural Mineral Cover in Light review

Nude by Nature Natural Mineral Cover in Light review :

I’m typing this post from my brand new iPad 3. Is it a particularly user-friendly way to blog? God, no. But it’s the first major purchase in my whole life that I’ve ‘properly’ saved up for, rather than impulsively buying and either ending up in debt or almost starving myself to death, so I’ve got a death-grip on this thing. But we’re not here to talk about me… Who are we kidding, blogging is totally narcissistic. Specifically this blog. But as well as talking about myself, I also talk about foundation. Specifically Nude by Nature Natural Mineral Cover in Light ($39.95 AUD/15g).


Nude by Nature Natural Mineral Cover is a loose mineral powder foundation, packaged in a plastic jar with a sifter and screw-on lid. Light is a neutral light beige, suitable for fair to light skin tones (I’m an NC/W15-20). This foundation provides a velvety, natural, light-to-medium coverage; it’s possible to build up the coverage further, but you run the risk of it looking caky. For whatever reason, I was sort of surprised that this foundation wasn’t particularly long-wearing; it only just holds on through a workday.


I apply Natural Mineral Cover with Nude by Nature’s soft, synthetic kabuki brush, which you can pick up for $15. Infomercials have taught me the ‘swirl, tap, buff’, method of application, but I’m so clumsy I create a powdery cloud when I swirl, tap and buff, and I’m constantly finding little piles of skin-coloured powder behind the taps or on the floor. I wear this foundation exclusively over a tinted moisturiser or, more likely, a BB cream, with a little extra built up over any pimples; I know it’s designed to wear alone but I have an insurmountable fear any powder foundation will dry my skin out.

Here is swatch, but when blended Light doesn’t look quite so light :


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