Non-traditional Looks You Can Pull Off on Your Wedding Day

Today’s brides are getting bolder and more adventurous when it comes to their choice of wedding looks. Gone are the days when every single bride had to comply to wearing a white gown and having a long veil over her head for her wedding ceremony look. Today, brides wear what they want and what they want seems to go farther and farther away from the usual. Here are some non-traditional looks you can pull off on your wedding day in case you’re planning on veering away from the traditional look as well.

  • A BRIDAL DRESS IN COLOR – one of the easiest ways to defy traditions on your wedding day is to go for a bridal gown in a different color other than white. White has always been the ‘color of choice’ when it comes to wedding gowns so why not do something different and wear your favorite color instead? Or maybe something really bold like red or something still girly like pink.

colored wedding dress

color gray wedding dress

  • TWO-PIECE ENSEMBLE – Olivia Palermo’s two-piece wedding ensemble inspired a few couple of bridal trends following her wedding so if you want something different about your bridal look without totally going against the traditional one, why not do a two-piece wedding dress ensemble instead? You can still wear white but it will also still have a nice twist to it.

two piece crop top dress two piece mlhuillier ensemble two piece wedding dress

  • BRIDAL SUIT – just because you’re a bride doesn’t mean you have to do your wedding in a dress. If you’re not up for lots of frills and froufrou, ditch the dress and go with a suit instead. This is a great option if you want something sleek and posh on your big day. To make sure you don’t compete with your groom’s suit, add a touch of feminine elements in your look like a softer silhouette or maybe some girly details.

white suit outfit white suit

  • THE JUMPSUIT – if you think a suit is too macho for your wedding look, you can always opt for a more girly and chic option that is the jumpsuit. A white jumpsuit (preferably with a cape, think Solange) is a great alternative to the traditional wedding dress for the modern bride. It’s perfect for casual / outdoor weddings.

white jumpsuit solange white jumpsuit white suit bridal

  • STREET STYLE BRIDE – more and more brides are becoming very fashion-forward with their bridal looks. Instead of going for the traditional princess-y look, they’re opting for something a little more edgy and posh. If you want to try your hand at this, the best place to take inspiration from is the runway.

street style bridal look street style bride


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