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No7 Stay Perfect Foundation review

HI girls , here is my review on No7 Stay Perfect Foundation :No7 Stay Perfect Foundation

 Firstly, i love the colour range. i actually found it quite hard to pick which foundation to buy because they were all fairly similar. I loved the idea of having somebody checking your skin colour & matching it with the perfect foundation.
No7 Stay Perfect Foundation swatch  :No7 Stay Perfect Foundation swatch
I personally really like the packaging is very simple yet it makes is look expensive.
the foundation cost around 12 pound and it lasts so long its unreal i received it as a gift for Christmas from my boyfriend which was 8 months ago & i used half of the bottle.
I use half a pump almost everyday, The foundation itself is probabaly (im guessing here as they don’t mention it) a medium to buildable coverage. The consistency is quite thick, & watery & once applied it did feel quite wet on my skin put once it sunk in it gave a matt finish, although it did sink it very nicely and DID give a perfect finish.