Nicolette Mason: Color and Prints for Curvy Women

Based in Los Angeles, Nicolette Mason is a fashion stylist, creative consultant, fashion writer, and an inspiration for many curvy women to love their curves and style. In 2009, Nicolette launched her blog, Nicolette Mason, to give her viewers an insightful chronicling of plus-size fashion preference and body confidence. Mason has a deep appreciation for beauty and positive outlook in the plus-size fashion scene. From her confidence and boldness, Nicolette Mason is definitely giving the plus-size fashion a twist and the plus-size women a voice in the industry!

pastel blue lace dress nicolette mason

painted dress nicolette mason yellow floral blouse nicolette mason pastel pink blouse nicolette masongray dress nicolette masonpink dress coat nicolette mason

Some may say that the color black is the curvy women’s best friend. But Nicolette knows how to play with bright and loud colors. She is looking forward to blinding yellows, rich blues, and juicy oranges. She also loves pastel hues and confident enough to flaunt her curvy body in a sophisticated and flattering look.

floral green blouse nicolette mason  animal print blouse nicolette mason vertical stripes blouse nicolette mason

Though bold and bright prints have always been precarious for girls with curves, like Nicolette, dare to make a statement this summer with floral and graphic prints. Smartly work with designs, patterns and details to draw the eye upwards and downwards as they also flatter your figure. Don’t be afraid of them. When pulling patterns and prints, choose the eye-catching geometric shapes and pretty flower prints. It draws the attention to your style, not on your figure. Vertical lines are your best friends.

floral white dress nicolette mason checkered pastel blue dress nicolette mason

Show more skin. The more cover-ups on your curves are the more they appear heavier. Deep necklines and short skirts and dresses on considerate length – fall on your knees or shorter – instantly slim down your full-figured size. If you have carved legs avoid clothes that extend right on the widest part of your legs – your calves. It captures focus to this area and can visually make you look heavy. You can opt for a sweater with a low neckline to create the illusion of lean body. They might come off as unattractive for old-fashioned tastes. But as long as you keep the other part decently clothed then you’re good!

black detailed lace dress nicolette mason

Also, wearing heels like stilettos are a great idea for adding height. But if you’re not a high-heel woman, opt for kitten heels – an inch or two – which is enough to slim your legs and body figure. Also, you immediately walk more gracefully when you’re in heels and so you don’t look like you’re just rolling along.

printed black dress nicolette mason printed kiss pattern nicolette masonpolka dots nicolette mason

Keeping an eye for details is one way to add a bit more interest to your style. The details of your look- whether it be the lace pattern on your dress, belt, necklaces, or even the buttons on your jacket count. Accessories like purse, shoes, and sunglasses you wear complete your look. Wearing eye-catching accessories – not too huge or too small – draws the eye away from body areas you don’t like them to notice.

Pick the right style for your curvy shape. Even though most of the clothes in the malls seem to be made only for the skinny and thin girls, Nicolette proved that even plus-size women can be chic and fashionable too.




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