Neutrogena Visibly Clear Spot Stress Control Daily Scrub Review

Okay, so for starters – how long does the name need to be! To put it nice and simple it’s a facial scrub that’s supposed to prevent/reduce spots. There’s other items in the Visibly Clear range, but so far I’ve only tried this product.

I bought this product from the UK drugstore Boots and it was under £5. Orginally, I was deciding between the blackheads facial scrub also by Neutrogena and this one. I figured since I don’t really get blackheads – I’d get the Spot Stress Control one. Looking back now, I wish I’d got the others. Already this sounds like I have a strong dislike to it, but I don’t, I just don’t really get that many spots and at the moment, I have a few blackheads on my nose! 



When using this, you need to have wet skin! I found this out the wrong way, it sounds incredibly obvious but it was early in the morning; and that is when I am at my most idiotic self. When I use this, I prefer to use it in the shower rather than wash my face and then wet my hands to lather up the product. I find that the more you scrub the green colour, ‘vanishes’ at this point if you continue to scrub it’s going to be a bad idea! I’ve not really found this with other scrubs, but it has been a while between them all.

It has a quite nice smell with is Green Tea and Cucumber and I think it’s good to use either first thing in a morning or just after taking off your make-up. It’s fairly refreshing! 

After using it, I find that my skin does feel softer; which you should expect from an exfoliator. Although it is claimed to be used daily, I don’t use it that frequently. It gives a nice soft feel but I do have to use a moisturiser afterwards to put some moisture back into my face.

Overall, I don’t think it’s a terribly bad product. It’s not bad and it wasn’t expensive at all. I can’t really say whether it reduced or got rid of my spots, as I wasn’t a very spotty beforehand, I would just get the odd spot on my face.


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