Nail Art – Flowers and Dots

Nail Art – Flowers and Dots

Hello there!!

I am going to show you today how to do another nail art design but this time small flowers and dots.

Here is what I used.
Barry M Peach Melba, Nails Inc OMP!, 17 Catwalk Couture and Models Own Nail Art Pen

1. Paint your nails in your desired colour… I used Barry M’s Peach Melba.


2. Chose two colours that go well together for the flowers. I chose Nail’s Inc OMP! and Catwalk Couture by 17.

3. With the first colour, blob some varnish on a piece of paper. To create the dots I bent a hair grip and used the end. Place 5 dots wherever on your nail ressembling a flower shape. I chose the top part of my nail.

Nail-Art-Flowers-and-Dots. Nail-Art-Flowers-and-Dots .

4. Give this some time to dry and find another tool to make smaller dots. I used the end of a metal nail file but an old biro pen nib will suffice! Using the second colour blob some varnish on the paper again and using the smaller tool places dots below the 5 dots already made and drag the varnish to meet them all up. 

Nail-Art-Flowers-and-Dots- Nail-Art-Flowers-and-Dots -

 5. Using the two colours again place dots on your nail where ever you fancy… As you can see I did an alternate pattern near to my cuticle.

Nail-Art-Flowers-and-Dots a

6. Using a Nail Art Pen… Mine is by Models Own place a dot in the middle of the flower.

Nail-Art-Flowers-and-Dots b

Nail-Art-Flowers-and-Dots c
7. Wait for everything to completely dry then either use a sealer or a top coat to cover the design!
Nail-Art-Flowers-and-Dots d

Again I cant wait to do this in different colours!!
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

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