My MUST-HAVE M.A.C Eye Shadows

It’s that season again!
Time to make your holiday wish lists!
I’m sure a lot of you are going to be asking for or looking to buy some new makeup, so I thought I’d help you out!
Below are my top 10 favorite M.A.C Eye Shadows!
1 Blanc Type
Blanc Type
A Matte Creamy Beige
Perfect for highlighting under the brow bone and in the inner corner
2 Carbon
An Intense Matte Black
Perfect to double as eye liner, or darken the outer corner in any look3-Cranberry
A Frosty Red-Plum With Pink Shimmer
Perfect for the holiday season as a gorgeous crease color4-Handwritten
A Matte Rich Chocolate Brown
Perfect to add depth to a neutral smokey eye, or to double as eyeliner to make the look softer5-Jest
A Frosty Soft Peach With Icy Shimmer
Perfect as an all over lid color for a beautiful natural look6-Naked-Lunch
Naked Lunch
A Frosty Minimal Pink With Shimmer
Perfect all over lid color, or as a highlight on the inner corner
A Velvety Gold Plum with Bronze Pearl
A crowd favorite, perfect as the crease color in a beautiful neutral look8-Soft-Brown
Soft Brown
A Matte Soft Golden Peachy Brown
Perfect to blend your colors together, on the lid in a neutral smokey eye, or in the crease for a soft neutral look9-Vapour
A Velvety Peach Pink with Violet Pearl
Perfect highlight color in a red, pink or purple look
A Pearly Warm Antique Gold
Works beautifully to blend your colors or add a little shimmer to a neutral lookWhat are your favorites?
List them below in the comments to give readers even more suggestions!

Happy Holidays

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