My Favorite Beauty Gurus On YouTube

I thought I would do up a blog post on all my Favorite Beauty Gurus on Youtube because they are what got me started on doing beauty blogs, and If I was confident enough to do Youtube videos I totally would. I started watching Youtube videos about 4 years ago and now its a daily thing to come home and watch all my favorite beauty gurus. I also watch alot of vlogs on youtube 🙂 Also these are in no particular order, I love all these gals 🙂



1.Samantha Schuerman

Sam Schuerman is defiantly one of my favorite beauty Guru on Youtube I been watching her videos from the start. Shes soooo down to earth and such a bubbly character. She also has a vlog channel were she vlogs her daily life with her and her family. I make sure not to miss one vlog 🙂 its like watching your favorite soaps you sit down with your cup of tea. She has such a beautiful family, Her husband Jay and two children Phoenix and Lily <3

2. Anna Saccone

First of all she is from Ireland which I am also from 🙂 Its great to see more Irish beauty Gurus on youtube. Anna is amazing I also watch her daily vlogs with her beautiful family and its great to see vlogs done in your own country. I love her videos and her weekly videos of her growing baby bump:) and her favorites videos as most of the things she mentions in her favorites are easy for me to buy as most of the time Anna gets them in Ireland 🙂 Shes such a humble person <3

3. Its Judy Time

I love Judy for her tutorials, any look your looking for Judy has a tutorial on it. I love her first impressions videos how she wears the product throughout the day and tells you truthfully what she thinks of the product. Also she has her own makeup palette<3 which I absolutely love, you can see she put alot of time and effort into her palette and its such a beautiful palette. Surprise Surprise I also watch her vlogs everyday! I love her family and shes expecting twins which is so exciting. I love watching her Husband Benji’s videos on Youtube aswell, He does cooking videos and I love watching his videos for recipes. Such an amazing family.

4. Shaaanxo

First of all how beautiful is she 🙂 I have to say if I was looking for ideas on any type of tutorial it would be Shaaanxo. Honestly this girl does her makeup flawlessly and is sooo down to earth and I love that we have similar skin tones because usually everything she recommends I buy and love it<3 Shaaanxo has her own beauty line called xo beauty, I bought her makeup brushes and absolutely love them. They are amazing quality and apply your makeup beautifully. I’m dying to try her new false lashes 🙂

5. Tanya Burr

Now this is a name I’m sure you all know 🙂 Tanya Burr is a makeup artist on Youtube and probably one of the most down to earth beauty Gurus on Youtube. I love her and her makeup skills are amazing I would love her to do my makeup one day. Tanya just brought out a Nail Varnish and Lip-gloss line 🙂 Which I just ordered and Im sooo excited to try. I watch Tanya’s vlogs and You can tell she put her heart and soal into this beauty line and I just know shes going to be one of the most successful beauty gurus on Youtube <3


6. Zoella

Zoe is actually one of the reasons I started blogger <3 watching her videos and seeing that she also suffered with anxiety made me love her even more as I felt I could relate to her. Also being a shy girl I watched her video about how she started on blogger and reading her blog all the time and how she was once felt too shy to go on youtube I felt the exact same :). Having over 3 million subscribers its obvious Zoe is going to go far and I’m glad I was a subscriber from the very start.
7. Missglamorazzi
Ingrid is one of the first Beauty Gurus I subscribed to on Youtube. She is such a sweet person and so kind hearted. This girl has the best reviews and I buy every skincare Item she mentions as I have similar skin type as her. Ingrid has every type of beauty video you would need from Favorites, skincare routines, hair tutorials and so much more. Shes a beauty Guru everyone will love<3

8. Kandee Johnson

One of the Best Beauty Gurus on Youtube, celebrity makeup artist. Kandee is the one to go for, for makeup tips and tricks. She is such a humble down to earth person. With classic looks from smokey eye tutorials to fun fictional characters you are sure to find a tutorial for you.

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