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My Diet Boost + Home workout Plan

If you’re following me on twitter, you might have seen my last photo with my decreased size/weight. I received some emails on what is my diet plan and exercise routine. So I thought, it’d be great if I share it with you guys.
Couple of month ago, I was depressed with almost everything. I get scared every time I look at the mirror and see some of my body fat pockets. So I decided to break and overcome my unhealthy eating habits that are keeping me from losing weight and getting fit.
Most of us have different habits that we’ve inherited from our family. Be it the soda as part of daily meals, the tasty treats that you have for casual conversations with your friends or that voluminous amount of fatty foods during celebrations. As ugly as it sounds, but we get addicted to these foods, that you would think only a rehab would be your way out of vices/unhealthy foods. But if we’re serious about losing weight, getting fit, we need to try, change the bad eating habits and compose our thoughts-well-being and think differently about our diet and lifestyle.

Go For Greens..
Fiber-Rich Food!
Fiber-Rich Food
Here’s how I started to break and let go of my bad eating habits.
1.   I start each day with a nutritious breakfast.
2.   Drink lots of water more than 8 glasses a day.
3.  Eat nutritious foods 5 times a day (3 meals 2 snacks) with 3 hours interval, to balance the insulin level, and avoid the cravings.
foods rich in fiber
My easy-to-achieve Diet Plan
.. Realistic for us who really loves to eat!
Carbohydrates: 1 cup rice or any complex carbs like pasta/noodles/potatoes.
if you can go for 1/2 cup carbs better!
Protein: 1 serving of any viand (fish/lean/meat)
Fiber: 1 cup of fruit or vegetable or rolled oats
Drink: you can have black coffee with or w/out skim milk and less sugar. I suggest using the Splenda 0-cal sugar.
A.M. Snack
1 glass FRESH fruit juice or 1 individual packet healthy cracker biscuit (low- sodium) or 1 pc fruit.
(I usually have an apple or orange, skyflakes biscuit when I’m on the go)
Carbohydrates: I first started a cup then I gradually reduce to ½ cup rice after few weeks..
you can also opt for ½ complex carbs (pasta/noodles) or 1 slice of wheat bread
Protein: 1 serving, any viand ( fish, lean meat/chicken)
Fiber: 1 ½ cup vegetables or (you may have 1 cup of vegetables and ½ cup of high fiber fruits)
Drink: 1 cup Hot Green Tea
P.M. Snack:
1 glass fruit juice/ 1 servingpk healthy cracker biscuit/ 1 pc fruit.
Carbohydrates: ½ cup rice or complex carbs. Then gradually change it to NO carbs at night
Protein any viand (lean meat, fish, chicken)
Fiber: 1 ½ cup vegetables and increased with ½ rolled oats if you are able to manage to remove carbo or any complex carbo at night
Drink: Hot Green Tea
You will surely notice a great change with your bowel movement when you wake up in the morning. No more constipation. No dietary pills needed.
4.   I set my mind to eat when I’m really hungry and stop when I feel comfortably full.
Before, I used to keep on eating as long as there’s food on the serving platter not caring whether I’m already full or not — wrong! Don’t give your tummy a hard time to digest everything.
5.   Reduce the portion sizes by 20% and give up second helpings.
6.   Switch fancy coffees, now I always get myself a strong coffee with hot skim milk, no cream and no frosting on top. Just plain coffee with my 0-cal splenda sugar. Now I’m avoiding Starbucks too. Yes it’s possible! Do you know coffee is one good source of fat burners! So it’s okay to have coffee once a day.
7.  Try different cooking methods, don’t stick to Frying. Opt more for, Grilled, steamed, Sauteed, Roated, poached recipes.  Flavor your foods with herbs, vinegars, lemon instead of fatty sauces.
8.   Give up the oily, sugary and starchy food! Haha I know.. give up the delicious ones, those empty cal with full of flavors. Cake, French Fries, Fried breaded chicken skins from Fast Food, junk foods, chips, Cola. However I understand that it’s hard to suddenly give up and change so start in eating smaller portions of calorie-filled foods and larger portions of water-rich foods ( like broth-based soups, salads, and veggies) For Bread or Loaf stick to wheat bread and skip the white ones. If you want the Hot Pandesal, eat one piece only ^^ Hot Pandesal is equivalent to 1 cup of rice >.<
9.  Limit the alcohol intake. I’m lucky though coz I don’t know how to drink. I can’t even drink red wine. Poor me.
3 home work out gear
10.  Home WORKOUT! EXERCISE! Don’t be so hard on yourself tho, start from the basic, atleast 10-15mins a day and gradually increase the speed and intensity. Honestly, I first started with 10 minutes easy intensity workout ( sit-up, burpees, super easy intensity ball workout for tummy, lovehandles, gluts) and 10-20 minutes cardio w/ threadmill.. then I gradually increase the speed if I feel like moving to the next level.
Now I managed to do 16 rounds of my intensity training (w/GYMBOSS interval timer) which I will show to you on my next post I hope .  I can also go for 30-40mins cardio 4-5 times a week (running with my nike+ GPS apps).
As what they usually say “BABY STEPS”- we’ll be much more successful in changing our unhealthy habits if we take things slowly- one step at a time.
I suggest, try to gradually incorporate any of the new habits above..  and before you know it, you’ll be eating healthy and losing weight succesfully!
Nothing is impossible to a willing heart!
Another major tip, when you’re trying to lose weight, please don’t expect an instant weight loss, don’t base your progress on your weighting scale often, and instead check on how you fit your dresses (like when your pants got a little looser, or if your dress can be zipped all the way up again then you’re on the right track!)
Good Luck! Hope this helps!