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Motives by loren ridinger Eyeshadow Base Review

Hey Dear Girls, I recently published my review of Motives by loren ridinger Eyeshadow Base.Motives-by-loren-ridinger-Eyeshadow-Base-Review


Description from the website:

Motives® Eye Base is a light, textured cream that smoothes and neutralizes the eyelids and keeps eye shadow from creasing, so that eye color stays on and looks true.

Motives by loren ridinger Eyeshadow Base Shape

My Opinion:

This eyeshadow base is very light toned and have a very buttery texture thats almost mousse like. I am very pale but my eye area is a bit dark so i really like to use primers which has a slight tint so this base is perfect for me in terms of brightening up my eye area, evening out the skin tone, covering veins and all ugly stuff like that. But the major issue i have is if i wear it alone it starts to crease on me after 3 to 4 hours because i have got very oily eyelids and its crazy hot at the moment where i live. I like to use it on the days when i don’t feel like wearing eyehadows so i just apply it over a primer to brighten up my eyes and it really works great. For me it works more as a cream eye shadow then a eye primer.

Here is a swatch for you

Motives by loren ridinger Eyeshadow Base Skin

Motives by loren ridinger Eyeshadow Base Shine


Overall opinion:
I like this base a lot but if you have extremely oily lids and looking for a eye primer to prevent creasing i won’t recommend this to you, but if you are like me you have oilier eyelids and you like to use something to brighten up your eye area i would totally recommend this to you but use a primer underneath. And if you don’t have oily eyelids and you want a base that can make your eye shadow pop and hold it in place i’ll definitely recommend it.

It retails for $14.oo at

Staying Power:★★★★☆
Affordability: ★★★★☆
Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

I hope my review was helpful!