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MOROCCAN OIL liquid gold review

Hi girls, here is my review of MOROCCAN OIL: liquid gold.

Hair oil treatments have been around for a long time (think V05!) but have only just started getting the hype they deserve. The key ingredient in these expensive little beauties is Argan Oil, which comes from a tree native to Morocco.. hence the name. This oil is meant to offer a natural way to hydrate and replenish dry or damaged hair, stop detangling and frizz and is even meant to reduce drying time.
I was itching to get my hands on a bottle after seeing it all over the blogosphere, the only downside (as usual) was the price. For a small 25ml bottle you can expect to pay around £13 and for the 100ml bottle you’re looking at £30+.
I picked up a 25ml bottle from LookFantastic for £12.85 and heeeeeeere it is..MOROCCANOIL liquid gold review
First off, the packaging. It comes in a beautiful bright turquoise box, nothing special but it does stand out. The bottle itself is made from glass and feels very steady however I’m not sure how forgiving it would be if you dropped it! The oil also feels amazing and non-sticky in your hands, you only need a ‘coin size’ and I find it’s most effective when I work it through damp hair before drying and styling.morrocan oil review
I have to admit, I was expecting big things for the price and it ticked all the boxes. My hair was left feeling shiny and soft, people have commented on how lovely and healthy my hair is looking (even MEN!) so it must be noticeable! Drying my hair was significantly quicker too which is excellent when you’re in a rush. Usually my hair is left looking lank and greasy if I apply too much conditioner, let alone oil, but this really was AMAZING and just looked like my hair.. but ohh so much better. I can see why the price is so high, it really is amazing and my small bottle seems to be lasting aaaaages. Oh and it smells great too.
I’d love to buy more of this once I run out, praise deee lord for the student loan! Have any of you tried Argan Oil and secretly found any student friendly alternatives?!