More Tips on How to Wear Sequins During the Day

There are many style commandments, and one of them is to not wear sequins during the day. However, many fashionistas have found it to be a chic rule to bend (or break.) Here are some tips that can help you perfect the tricky law on how to wear sequins during the day.

Keep it Casual

Sequins are known grab untoward attention, so do remember to keep the rest of your look simple and casual. Channel some inspiration from Blake Lively, who surely knows how to wear sequins during the day. She matches her all-out sequin jacket with a simple white dress and a black beanie.

sequined jacket

bonjour sweater and sequined skirtblue blazer and sequined shorts

Wear Sequins with a Graphic Shirt

Be able to mix elegance with funkiness by wearing your sequined bottoms with a graphic skirt.  This is one of the most laidback ways on how to wear sequins during the day.

holy chic top and sequined skirt graphic shirt and sequined skirt

Wear Sequined Pants

An embellished denim is one of the hippest ways on how to wear sequins during the  day. It lends an aura of casualness because of the jeans, yet it makes you look spectacular because of the intricate design.

sequined boyfriend jeans blue sequin pants

Go Monochrome

Too many colored sequins can render a person temporarily blind while looking at you. Thus, a monochrome outfit is a good way to remember if you want to know how to wear sequins during the day. Go with just one color, and keep the rest in minimalist fashion.

sequin dress and nude heels teal sequin dres

Take it to the Office

While sequins are reminiscent of glistening parties, you can wear it to the office as well. A great way on how to wear sequins during the day is to pair your ensemble with a blazer or a work-worthy top.

sequined pants and blazer gold jacket and black pants

Mix Patterns and Textures

Mixing patterns and textures is a great way how to wear sequins during the day. Pair your sparkly clothes with a plaid top or a velvet jacket to create a uber-chic look. These items are perfect for casual romps, as well as serious meetings in the office.

plaid top and black skirt velvet jacket and sequined dress

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