More Style Suggestions for your Classic Black Sweater

A black sweater is a stylish, classic item that can broaden your look. You can use it for an elegant office attire, or a chic casual outfit. Create more mod looks – even with just one black sweater – with these stunning style suggestions.

Layer it Up

A timeless way to style your black sweater is to layer it on top of a button-down top. For best results, do so with a contrasting color (of course, white is the safest yet finest choice.) This combo can give you added warmth – and added style as well.

black sweater with button down

black sweater and white button-down top

Go Cropped

Black sweaters are often worn with trousers. Break away from this traditional look by wearing your sweater with cropped pants instead. Complete the look with oxfords for a preppy work look.

black sweater with cropped pants black sweater and cropped pants

Wear it with Leather

If you want a spunky, rocker edge look, then wear your black sweater with leather items. Be it a leather jacket or leather leggings, this pairing can make you look like a stunning biker chic.

black sweater and leather skirt black sweater and leather leggings

Choose a Pencil Skirt

A black sweater is a non-collared piece of clothing that fits formal dress codes. If this is the case in your office, give your collared blouses a rest by wearing a black sweater instead. Afterwards, create a sexy yet respectable look by wearing it with a bodycon pencil skirt. Choose a skirt with a unique design to add some charm into your boring work wardrobe.

black sweater pencil skirt black sweater with pencil skirt

Be a Maven in Midi

Another skirt that can add spice to your work wardrobe is the midi skirt. These skirts usually come in fun prints, that is why they’re good to match with black sweaters. You can stay safe with a monochromatic skirt, but if you want to explore, choose bold, vibrant ones.

black sweater and checkered skirt black sweater and midi skirt

Tantalize in a Tutu

Dress as if you are in a fairytale by wearing a tutu with your black sweater. The formality of the black sweater and the whimsicality of the skirt will create a look that will enchant everyone.

black sweater and tutu skirt black sweater with black tutu

Show your Shorts

Even if it’s cold outside, you can still wear your favorite shorts. Once you do so, why not wear it with a black sweater as well? This sophisticated pairing will make you look exquisite – even if most of your legs are bared for all the people to see.

black sweater and button down top black sweater and shorts

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