Montagne Jeunesse Mud Pac Dead Sea face mask review

Friday’s face mask  : Montagne Jeunesse mud pac face mask review.

Friday's face mask  Montagne Jeunesse mud pac


Hello ladies,
I have a confession to make. I actually forgot to buy the intended face mask for this week. I was all set to buy the rest of the face masks i want to try out for this feature when i walked into boots last weekend and left not with my intended face masks but with more make-up. I got completely distracted by the cosmetics (mainly Bourjois). But do not fret, i may be forgetful but i’m also organised. I knew there would come a week that i would be left with out a face mask so when in asda weeks ago i picked up a few Montagne Jeunesses masks which i wanted to try. I then stored them away for a time of desperate need. Obviously i thought it would be longer than week 3 but here we are….Friday's face mask  Montagne Jeunesse mud pac1
I haven’t used these face masks for years. I have memories of using these at sleep overs with my girl friends when i was 13/14 years old. There cheap as chips at £1.00 each but what are they actually like to use? Well the consistency was a pleasant surprise. Since this is a mud pac i was expecting it to be very thick but to my delight it was actually almost quite a light consistency. One thing i will say about this though is that it smells a lot light shaving foam. Cheap shaving foam actually, the men’s kind you can buy from pound land or lidle. Not great when its going on your face. When i washed this off my face felt soft but i wasn’t overly impressed with the results. It says it will leave skin feeling ‘cleansed and soft’ but in all honestly i don’t think this mask did anything more than my usual cleanser would do.
Honestly i wasn’t overly impressed  with Montagne Jeunesse Mud Pac Dead Sea face mask and i doubt i will buying this again. I think there are far better face masks out there which i feel help my skin a lot more than this one did. I hate being negative as there wasn’t anything really wrong with this product its just i know that for me there are better face masks out there.
What are your thoughts on Montagne Jeunesse face masks?

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