Models Own Hedkandi Nail Polish – ibiza mix review

Models Own Ibiza Mix – OPI Rainbow Connection dupeModels Own Ibiza Mix review

For the most part my nails tend to stay shimmer free, but on the odd occasion, I do like to add a bit of bling (or in this case, a lot of bling) to my manicure. My ‘go to’ glitter for the past six months has been Rainbow Connection, a limited edition sparklefest from OPI’s last Christmas collection.

Alas, like all well loved, LE products, it was running out, and with no back ups in place I was beginning to get worried. You see, I’ve never loved another glitter polish quite like I do Rainbow Connection; it’s so over the top, bordering almost on garish, but yet still seriously gorgeous all at the same time.

Oh and of course wonderfully unique. Or so I thought…Models Own Ibiza Mix (2)

While aimlessly browsing in Boots (as you do) a few weeks ago I came across this sparkly shade in Ibiza Mix; one of the five new(ish) Models Own polishes from their collaboration with party people, Hed Kandi.
My heart almost skipped a beat when I saw it on the stand, could this be dupe worthy for Rainbow Connection and solve my dilemma?

Well, the answer is yes. They aren’t completely identical but they are, however, pretty darn similar.

Both bottles are full to the brim with multi-coloured shimmer in every shade, size and shape of glitter particle imaginable with only the tones differing. Ibiza Mix contains slightly warmer hues, with gold as the base glitter, while Rainbow Connection is packed with a slightly cooler silver shimmer.

 Ibiza Mix on the nails.Models Own Ibiza Mix nail polish

This polish is a real kaleidoscope of twinkling colour that looks great worn alone, as you can see on my ring finger or on top, over a simple base colour.

Personally, I like to wear it over black if I’m doing a fully blinged out mani, but I’ve also worn it over navy, red and purple. The great thing about these multi-coloured varnishes is that you can create different combinations all the time, they seem to work with most shades.

Models Own Hedkandi Nail Polish in ibiza mix  ,Close up!Models Own Ibiza Mix on nails

Although, Ibiza Mix may not be the exact spitting image of my fave polish, it is close enough to class as a dupe, I feel.  Definitely take a look at it if you missed OPI’s Rainbow Connection or failed to buy a back up, like me.

Oh and luckily, it’s less than half the price of OPI at only a fiver, bargain. The Model’s Own site also have a great deal on at the moment if your tempted, six polishes for £20! Link 🙂

What LE products are worrying about running out of? I’d love to know and of any dupes you have for some!

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