Menswear-Inspired Pieces that can Diversify your Look

Menswear pieces used in women’s outfits are all the rage nowadays. This trend can be seen in numerous runways, ranging from Giorgio Armani to Tom Ford. Get a bit of this inviting trend by wearing the following menswear-inspired pieces that can diversify your look.

Oversized Blazer

Get the formal and boyish look with an oversized blazer. A great topper for this winter season, it can be worn with a girly dress, a formal pantsuit or a tee-and-jeans ensemble.

oversized white blazer

blue oversized sweater

Varsity Jacket

If you want a sporty look this winter, then better try a varsity jacket. Although it is best worn with casual pieces, you can upgrade the look by wearing it with flirty items. Take the case of Reese Witherspoon, who wore her black varsity jacket with sultry red pumps.

black varsity jacket maroon varsity jacket


Most menswear pieces that are used in women’s fashion are outerwear. Such an example is a tuxedo, which is a stylish alternative for evening parties and cocktails. They can also be worn for casual affairs, when you don’t feel like wearing an oversized blazer or a varsity jacket.

white tuxedo and jeans black tuxedo

Boyfriend Jeans

If you are tired of the skimpy skinny jeans, then give boyfriend jeans a shot. These baggy, loose and sometimes ripped jeans can add a casual feel to any outfit. Because of its rugged nature, it’s best worn with structured, formal or girly pieces, such as a lace top or a button-down shirt.

ripped boyfriend jeans lace top and boyfriend jeans


Brogues are no longer just office shoes for men. Now, they are considered chic items for women as well. They look impeccable with skinny jeans and trousers, and they look stunning with flirty dresses too.

brown brogues black brogues


Accessorizing with menswear pieces is another way to try the trend. If the aforementioned clothing pieces are too overwhelming for you, what you need to do is try a fedora. This classic hat can add a hint of exquisiteness to your outfit.

brown fedora black fedora

Menswear pieces are no longer just for men. With these items, you can create a structured, androgynous look that celebrities and fashionistas love.

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