Medusa’s Makeup Mineral Eye Dust in Red Baron Review

For all you gorgeous gorgons…Medusas Make Up

Once in a while you accidentally come across a brand that completely takes your breath away. You’re shopping for something in particular and because you have absolutely no restraint when it comes to buying make up (oh come on…you all know it’s true! lol) you randomly pile things into your basket that look vaguely interesting. That’s exactly how I came across the Medusa’s Make Up ‘Mineral Eye Dust’. If you’re wondering how it caught my eye then just take a look at the colour!
Medusa's Makeup Mineral Eye Dust in Red Baron Review
It looked bright online but when it arrived I was blown away. Think about the brightest most vibrant eye shadow you own and then turn up the brightness all the way up to…11! Yes folks…you heard it right 11! If you’re a fan of Spinal Tap then you’ll know doubt already know just how crazy things can get when you crank things up that one extra notch! 😉
Medusa's Makeup Mineral Eye Dust in Red Baron
The shade I chose was ‘Red Baron’ which despite it’s name is not a true pillar box type red, but instead a vibrant deep red pink fuchsia shade.
Eye Dust Red Brown
Now this is very heavily pigmented and a little goes a very long way. You can apply a small amount and blend it out to get a more subtle look or you can really go to town and pack this stuff on for a bolder look. If having full on pink eyes is a bit too daring for you then you could just apply it as an eyeliner instead. It has great lastability, but I would definitely advise using a primer to avoid creasing and staining.
Medusa's Make Up 'Mineral Eye Dust
Now for the best bit…the swatches!!
Medusa's Makeup Mineral Eye Dust in Red Baron Review Swatch
Top: applied wet over primer Bottom: applied dry over primer
Just an eye shadow? Awww hell no…the fun doesn’t stop there! As well as using this stuff on your eyes and your face, this is also safe to use on your lips. I haven’t tested this out on my lips yet, but as soon as I do you’ll be the first to know.
So this is going to be expensive right? Nope!! A 1.5g container (which will last me a long long time) cost a mere £3.95 from Cocktail Cosmetics, my favourite UK supplier of all hard to find US brands. You can also buy this direct from Medusa’s Make Up…who do ship across the globe as well as the USA and Canada! YAY!
For the full huge range of rainbow eyeshadows, lip glosses, mascaras and other fabulous goodies check out the Medusa’s Make Up website. If you love bright colours you’ll be in colour junkie heaven!! 🙂

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