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Maybelline’s Hyperglossy Runway Pop Liquid Liner :Khaki

Maybelline’s Hyperglossy Runway Pop Liquid Liner :Khaki

Hi girls!
Maybelline sent their new Hyperglossy Runway pop liquid eyeliner to me and the shade I received was Khaki.

Let me start off by telling you that I do not use colored eyeliners. I own only one colored liquid liner and that too is something that hardly ever comes out of my makeup drawer. So I wasn’t too excited about this particular Maybelline eyeliner as well.Maybellines-Hyperglossy-Runway-Pop-Liquid-Liner-Khaki

But I swatched the color and I realized, I would soon be converted into a fan of colored liners. Khaki is such a beautiful color. It’s a beautiful green that would compliment Indian skin tones. It isnt super glittery like most colored liners. But Hyperglossy definitely is glossy!Maybellines-Runway-Pop-Liquid-Liner-Khaki

I usually opt for black eyeliners, simply because I feel they make my eyes look dark and intense. But khaki is a color that gives the same intense look, just with a fun pop of color!

So I’ve finally found a colored liner that I like. And because it is Maybelline, it is super affordable at Rs.225. I also intend to try the black shade because I’ve seen tons of reviews and it looks amazing!
Have you tried any colors of the Maybelline Hyper glossy eyeliner? Let me know in the comments below!