Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish In Boho Gold Review

Hi girls here is my Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish In Boho Gold Review!

Yesterday I told you that I exercised restraint and only picked up two of the items from Maybelline’s new Fall 2012 collection.
The collection had a new cream shadow that caught my eye, but it also had a polish that I had to take home too!
1 maybelline color show
I almost never buy nail polishes, I have around 40 and I usually stick to that amount.
However, when Chanel’s Peridot was released, it got so much hype that I thought I really wanted it, but I am one of those people that will NEVER buy a Chanel nail polish unless it’s made out of diamonds (that’s what you would think it was made out of by the price).
So when OPI duped it with “Just Spotted the Lizard”, which we will see later, I bought the mini because I couldn’t find it anywhere. Then Maybelline comes and does it again, so I had to have it.
The polishes are perfect for fall, and this color is especially stunning.
2 maybelline color show packaging
The Maybelline polishes are one of my favorites, packaging wise. They are sleek enough to fit anywhere, and I like the overall shape of them. They are durable, unlike some drugstore polishes that come in cheaper bottles. Another thing that I like is that the cap doesn’t come off to reveal the brush underneath. For example, Chanel Polishes unscrew and then they have the actual screwed-in brush under the cap. I hate that!
 The pigmentation of this polish is wonderful. It is a bit different than OPI’s ‘Just Spotted the Lizard’, but in the same field.
3 maybelline and OPI
4 Boho Gold SWATCHES
 As you can see, ‘Boho Gold’, located on the top, is a bit more of a golden undertone. It definitely shines more gold than green. ‘Just Spotted the Lizard’ however, has a silver-ish green undertone when in the sun. They both are extremely beautiful and I think I would get a lot of wear out of each of them!
Did you pick up any items from the Maybelline Fall 2012 Collection?
What were your favorites?

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