Maternity Outfit Ideas

Have a growing baby bump? Instead of hiding it, flaunt it! After all, it’s one of the things that make a woman unique. Of course, don’t forget to inject some pre-maternity with these maternity outfit ideas that you will truly love:

Go for a “Slimming” Piece

When it comes to maternity outfit ideas, it pays if you choose garments that are flattering and slimming. Although you have a growing belly, you can still look slender with the right clothes. The best pieces to invest in for your pregnancy are long cardigans, vests, and open shirts. Not only will they make you sexier, they make for good layering pieces as well. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone!

denim vest

fur vset open denim shirt long brown cardigan

Create an Empire

If you want to look beautiful without much fuss, then invest in a bevy of empire tops and dresses. These make for smart maternity outfit ideas, as they can make you look good even if you can’t spend much time in front of the mirror.

floral empire waist dress empire waist dress

It’s a Wrap

Certain styles make for great maternity outfit ideas, and one of these is the wrap top/dress. Popularized by Diane Von Furstenberg, this curve-creating garment can help you achieve a hourglass shape while you cradle your little bundle of joy. Choose wrap dresses in black or small busy prints to take the attention away from your growing belly.

black wrap dress dotted wrap dress

Tank it up!

It’s summer season now, and there is no reason why you should not wear ‘cool’ pieces these days. One of the pre-maternity clothes that you can still wear this season is the tank top. If you are worried about showing skin when bending, you can remedy it easily with a belly band.

gray tank top

A tank top is one of the best things for your maternity outfit ideas, as you can layer them with the ‘slimming’ items as mentioned above. Be it  a vest or a long cardigan, you can’t go wrong with a tank top.

white tank top

Be Sexy in Spandex

Spandex is one of the best textiles for maternity outfit ideas. Because of its stretchiness, it can accommodate your burgeoning belly in style. When shopping for pregnancy clothes, make sure to check the tag to see if it contains the expandable Spandex that you need.

green spandex dress

Win in Leggings

Your denim pants won’t fit you anytime soon, but you don’t have to fret. You can still keep your legs covered with leggings. With the wide variety of styles and designs out there, a slew of leggings can help you construct a fab collection of maternity outfit ideas.

folded leggings black leggings

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