Marine Life Highlight Powder review

HI Girls, here is MAC To The Beach Sneak Peek! Marine Life Highlight Powder review and swatches :

Well I thought I’d make my first post with my camera bits and pieces back something new and exciting!I recently got my hands on the Marine Life Highlight Powder from the MAC To The Beach Collection. To be honest, not much else has really caught my eye from the collection info I’ve read on Specktra. It all feels a bit ‘been there, done that’.Marine Life Highlight Powder

The Highlight Powders have never been amazing in my opinion. Think flat, dull powders that don’t really live up to the ‘Highlight’ part of their name. So far, Marine Life has been an exception to the Highlight Powder rule.

Well actually, let me first show you the part that is the same as the Highlight Powders of the past.Marine Life Highlight Powder review

Hello overspray! The powder is just stunning when you first see it. Almost too pretty to use! But you just need to be brave and use it straight away. The shimmer on the top is brushed away after a few uses. I’ve used mine a lot and as far as I can tell so far the powder underneath is shimmery. I haven’t hit a matte part yet. I will update on the shimmer/matte finish as I use the powder more.

OK, now all the overspray talk is over I can talk about the good stuff. I’ve been using Marine Life as a blush. For someone as fair as me, it’s actually a very pigmented blush. I love that there’s a mixture of shades. The coral part of the powder is just awesome. It’s really pigmented. I love corals, and I own nothing like this shade! I’m not a lover of pale pinks, but when this one is mixed with the coral I love the result.

For deeper skin tones the pink side will probably be more of a highlight but I can still see that coral being used a blush.

I just have my powder in the pan, when it’s released it will be housed in that glossy grass green packaging which I think rocks. However, I think a lot of people aren’t fans of the green, am I right?

Swatches- (pretty!)

Top-Bottom: Pink, Coral, Mixed Together

MAC  Marine Life Highlight Powder swatch

on my hand :

Marine Life Highlight Powder swatch

Here’s me wearing it! I hate these pictures of me, excuse the crazy eyes and ponytail yuck yuck yuck. I’m also wearing a bit of bronzer.

MAC  Marine Life Highlight Powder on face

So yeah, I love it!

Edited to add- This is the size of a MAC MSF/Bronzer/Beauty Ppwder.

To The Beach will be released in May.