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Makeup Ideas for Festivals

Festival makeup should be three things: fun, easy, and sweat-proof. You’ll want something that you can do to give your look an interesting twist that won’t budge after jamming to your favorite songs from your favorite singers and bands under the hot sun. If you’re looking for makeup ideas that you can wear to the upcoming festivals, here are a few that you might want to try out.

  1. Bronzed not burnt – one of the easiest makeup looks that you can wear to any festival is a bronzy makeup look. Used foiled eye shadows to give your eyes some intensity and bronze and contour to your heart’s content until you get the perfect sun kissed look.bronze makeup look
  2. Dotted with gold – specks of gold all over your face may not sound like something you’d wear everyday but it sure is a great look to try out for something as fun as a music festival. Some prefer to dot along the lines of their eyebrows while others opt to freehand some golden specks along the temples and others prefer random flecks of gold all dots makeup look gold flecks freckle
  3. Shimmer and glitter galore – festivals are the perfect excuse to go crazy on glitter so if you’ve been waiting for the time to put those super sparkly glitters to use, there’s no better time to do it than now. Here are some photos to inspire you.glitter haute couture glittery lower lash line
  4. Rainbow cheeks – if you were lucky enough to get your hands on those crazy cute rainbow highlighters, you might as well put them to good use now! Rainbow cheeks are going to be super popular at the festivals this year so rock them if you want.highlighter rainbow prism
  5. Fairy themed makeup – soft and shimmery pinks and lavenders, long and lush lashes, and dainty highlights all around – if you’re looking for something pretty to go with your ethereal festival outfit, go for a fairy-themed makeup look.fairy themed makeup
  6. Sultry gypsy – got your Boho outfits ready for the festival? Go all out and complete your look with a sultry gypsy makeup. Check out the photos below for inspiration.sultry gyspsy makeup
  7. Colored eyebrows – for a definite head-turner, tint your brows with a different (fun) color and keep the rest of your makeup simple to keep the attention on the brows. You could dye your brows for a semi-permanent effect of use colored brow pencils or even plain colored liners or shadow for something more temporary.colored eyebrows cara delevingne
  8. Rainbow eyes – since rainbow everything seems to be really popular these days, why not do a colorful rainbow eye makeup look for the festival? They’re really fun and pretty and it’s a great way to get some use out of those barely touched colors in some of your palettes, too.rainbow eyeshadow look