MAC Honeylove Lipstick Dupe

DUPE | MAC Honeylove Lipstick

MAC Honeylove is a “light beige toned with rose” matte finish lipstick (source). Despite its matte finish, it doesn’t look dry or flat on the lips. It’s a more wearable nude lipstick than shades like Myth, Creme d’ Nude, etc. but still maintains a strong beige undertone.

I have three dupes for this lipstick. They’re as not spot on as I would have liked especially from the arm swatches but they’re almost indiscernible on the lips. Hope you don’t mind!
MAC Honeylove Lipstick Dupe
(L-R) MAC Honeylove, Wet’n’Wild Fergie Daily, Rimmel Kate Moss #14, L’Oreal Fairest Nude

1) Wet’n’Wild Fergie Cream in Fergie Daily ($3.50) – It’s a tad pinker and lighter than Honeylove but the difference is minimal on the lips. The finish is a cream instead of Honeylove’s matte but it’s actually not noticeable.

MAC Honeylove Lipstick swatch
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2) Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate #14 ($5) – Even though it’s the most different on the arm, it looks the closest on the lips due to the stronger tan undertones in it. It’s not as pigmented or matte as Honeylove.
MAC Honeylove Lipstick swatch1
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3) L’Oreal Color Riche in Fairest Nude ($9)It leans a bit pinker, shinier, and is more comfortable to wear than Honeylove. It’s a common lipstick to own so skip on Honeylove if you already own Fairest Nude.
MAC Honeylove Lipstick swatch2