MAC Dollymix Blusher Review

Regardless of how many items of make up I have in my stash, there is 1 item that I always have time for. Here is my review MAC Dollymix Blusher !

Since I first acquired this from Milly about a year ago, there hasn’t been a week when I haven’t reached for my beloved MAC Dollymix Sheertone Shimmer blusher.

MAC Dollymix Blusher

This hot pink shade looks tres scary in the pan but it’s a brilliant pick me up on my skin and works whether I’m pale or tanned.  Although this is a Sheertone Shimmer formula, it’s not very shimmery at all and just enough to stop it looking a bit chalky. 

MAC Dollymix Blusher1

I always have this in my make up bag when I’m away as it’s my favourite pink, even if I do sometimes cart a coral blusher with me too if I’m away for a few days.  You will have seen numerous FOTD posts with me wearing this as it’s perfect for a natural glow and these are just 2 of the ones I’ve used it in so far. 

MAC Dollymix Blusher2

MAC Dollymix Blusher3

I haven’t hit pan yet because, despite how often I’ve used it, you only need the smallest dusting of product to get a gorgeous glow.  Too much of this and you’d look like a clown so apply with a light touch.

MAC Dollymix Blusher4

I think this is one of my best value make up products because of how well it suits me, how much use it gets and how long it’s lasting me for.  At £17.00 for 6g, MAC blushers are an extravagence for me at the moment but it’s so worth the price tag in my opinion.  If I ever hear of this being discontinued, I’ll be shopping for back ups and that’s something I have never done with make up.  I can’t risk being without a blusher that makes me look like I’ve had enough sleep when I’m shattered or alive when I’m hung over!

What’s the best value product in your stash?

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