Lush Fluffy Egg Ballistic, Donkey Oaty Ballistic and Hippy Chick Ballistic review

Lush Fluffy Egg Ballistic, Donkey Oaty Ballistic and Hippy Chick Ballistic  review:

It’s no secret that I am in love with Lush. Their bath/body products always put me in a great mood and I am not embarrassed to say that the manager of my local store now recognises me and greets me with a big hello! I truly love their seasonal themed products and their new Easter range is no exception!

The Easter range included three limited edition bath ballistics (my favourite type of Lush products) and a super cute Easter themed knot-wrap! If you haven’t already found an alternative gift for people who don’t like chocolate (they must be crazy right?!) or just want to add these in for something special (or even just a treat for yourself), read on!


The-Fluffy-Egg-Ballistic Hippy-Chick-Ballistic

Up to Down  : Donkey Oaty Ballistic  ,Fluffy Egg Ballistic, and Hippy Chick Ballistic.
The Fluffy Egg Ballistic smells of cotton candy and all things delicious, which is perfect for anybody with a sweet tooth. I know it’s hard to resist but please don’t eat this, save it for the chocolate eggs!If you’re a fan of the Lush Charity Pot lotion, then you’ll love the Donkey Oaty Ballistic. This bath ballistic reminds me of lazy Easter afternoons when all the guests have gone home but you’re still stuffing your face with Hot Cross Buns. That would be the perfect time to hop in the bath and use this, and the other upside is that you can miss out on tidying up!

I’ve always been a fan of the Happy Hippy Shower Gel so the adorable Hippy Chick Ballistic is the perfect gift for me this Easter. If you love grapefruit and refreshing scents then this one is for you! As soon as I smelt this in my local Lush store, I knew this is exactly what I wanted for Easter but paired with my favourite Haigh’s Truffles of course!

The best thing about the Easter range is that Lush has also introduced an Easter themed Knot-Wrap to wrap all your super cute gifts into an adorable little bunny!

As you can see, Lush has made Easter a whole new ball game introducing these cute,reasonably priced gifts (all under $6.50) which could be made into a fantastic Easter long-weekend relaxation pack! Who wouldn’t love to wake up on Easter Sunday greeted with a hot refreshing with Happy Chick fizzing away whilst hot cross buns are in the oven and melted chocolate is travelling up the hallway?

Have a great Easter enjoy all the chocolates and I hope you fit in time for a Lush bath!

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