Luminess Airbrush System Review

Hello pretties here is my Luminess Airbrush System Review!

Today I got a starter pack from Luminess airbrush in shade Fair. You get four shades, in my case shade 2, 3, 4 and 5. And they were ALL completely orange and more tan than fair. You can, however, use any airbrush makeup in your airbrush system.

1 Luminess airbrush

 I know Luminess has a shade fairer than what they sent with (why you don’t get this in the fair starter pack to begin with I don’t understand) but if number 2 is still too dark for me I suspect number 1 won’t do any difference, so I will buy Temptu or Dinair who has more shades to chose from.

I have tried the Luminess airbrush system on myself, my boyfriend and my son – as they were here when I recieved the box. My boyfriend is more tanned than me and I put shade 3 on him. His review was; “I look like an oompa loompa!” So, not that great then.

2 luminess fair SWATCHED

They say it is really hard spraying anywhere but where you point, and I found this to be untrue. I held the airbrush about 20 cm away from my face (as you should to get an even finish) and even when I sprayed on one side of the face it went all over the other side as well! I had to hold my eyes closed at all times or it got straight in there (now, obviously, airbrushing is an art to be mastered – not for beginners). The foundation got all in my under eye wrinkles which I didn’t notice until it had dried and I tried even it out. All that did was move the colour from side to side into small clumps on my face. Great.

An hour after I applied it it’s still super sticky and my face feels stiff. Less great.
It states you need 4 to 8 drops of foundation to cover your face. I ended up with using over 20 before the finish even WAS a finish.

I’ll get back to you all when I’ve had some practice and bought a shade which is actually MY shade.

Fair? Pfff Luminess has no idea what Fair is.


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