L’oreal Volume Million Lashes Luminizer for Blue Eyes Review

For those who read my blog regularly, you’ll know I’ve been wanting this for ages! And I finally bought it! I was torn between buying the Volume Million Lashes or the Volume Million Lashes Luminizer and I bought the Luminizer for blue eyes, as my eyes are blue…as deceiving as they are sometimes!



What L’Oreal says… “Light-up your eyes with Volume Million Lashes Luminizer. For fanned-out, maxed up lash look in 3 dazzling shades. Put the twinkle in your eyes.” – They’ve not made any ridiculous claims here such as “make your eyes look 10x brighter” or “make your lashes 30x more voluminous” – which is always annoying to read! So, they’re basically saying, it’s going to separate your lashes and make them more ‘maxed‘…so volume and length. Well….let’s see!


The brush is a plastic one, which I am not normally a fan of as sometimes they feel quite ‘scratchy’ such as theMaybelline One by One but this one was fine! The bristles are quite small and separated in order to coat all of your lashes! The only negative thing I noticed about this brush was a bit of excess mascara on the end of the wand, which I had to remove on the rim of the tube.

Loreal-Volume-Million-Lashes-Luminizer-for-Blue-Eyes-Review-applied Loreal-Volume-Million-Lashes-Luminizer-for-Blue-Eyes-Review-applied- Loreal-Volume-Million-Lashes-Luminizer-for-Blue-Eyes-applied.




Now, I’m going to assume that the Volume Million Lashes is the exact same mascara, but not tinted with colours. So, is this actually any different? Do the colours actually make your eyes pop at all? I think it does, the colour is not completely blue in my case, which is great! It’s a black with a tint of colour so it should subtly make your eyes ‘dazzle‘ as L’Oreal said. I photographed a normal black mascara (bottom) and the Luminizer for Blue Eyes (top) so you can see the colour difference, it looks almost navy, but it looks black when you apply it on your lashes.

To sum up, for those who maybe didn’t read it all…or are like me and forget what you’ve read immediately after reading it! What do I think? LOVE IT! It’s got to be my favourite mascara of all time and I would definitely buy it again!! The price is quite high compared to the other high street mascaras…but if you’re short on cash or just like saving money like me – then check eBay and get it for a much cheaper price like I did (£3.50!!)

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