L’oreal Confetti Top Coat Review

L’oreal Sparkly Confetti Top Coat Review :

l'oreal-confetti Coat

Despite there being a multitude of top coat trends going around – bobbles, beads, feathers, you get the drift; none have really captured my attention so far. Sure, they look fabulous on others but most are too much of a fad to get me interested.  

However, last week while browsing (it’s never browsing!) in Boots I spotted this new monochrome beauty by L’Oreal and had to have it. One trend I do like right now is the whole Speckled nail thing Illamasqua have started, and this reminded me of their polishes, which FYI I must buy!

So… say hello to the high-streets answer – Confetti(s).  

L’Oreal Confetti Top Coat
l'oreal-confetti Coat-1
Suspended in a clear polish base and surrounded by silver micro-shimmer are flecks of black and white sequins varying in size and shape. A truly beautiful mix.Now, I know I mentioned shimmer and sequins in the description so you’d be forgiven in thinking this would be somewhat of a sparkly top coat but when layered on the nails it really isn’t. The glitter can barely be seen and the flecks have more of a matte finish when applied.

Close up!
l'oreal-confetti Coat-2
As with anything chunky like this, I always find the best way to apply is NOT to paint it on as you would with a traditional colour polish, but instead to PLACE the particles on the nail. Hold the brush, which in this instance is nice and wide, over the nail and then press down slowly to shimmy the sequins in to place creating a more spaced out and even finish as you can see below.Getting it on I have to say, is a complete cinch compared to getting it off! Like all textured top coats this polish is tough to budge – be prepared to soak and scrub.

Totally Dotty Mani
l'oreal-confetti Coat-3
Confetti being monochrome will obviously go with just about any shade you choose to pair it with – dark or light, subtle or bright. I’m especially loving it over two of my favourite polishes, Rococo’s Hot Pants (above) and Illamasqua’s Jo’Mina (below) right now.

The Accent Claw
l'oreal-confetti Coat-4
Although I tried my best to capture the true beauty of this dotty mani for you, unfortunately my pictures just don’t do it justice. It looks much better in real life, trust me. If you are interested, L’oreal Confetti Top Coat Review costs £4.99 and is currently on 3 for 2 at Boots 🙂

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