Look Smart in these Ivy League Fashion Pieces

The preppy Ivy League style is one of the hottest looks of today. Although it is commonly spotted in college campuses, you can take this look to the streets – even to the workplace! Imbibe a smart casual Ivy League style with these essential fashion pieces:


A blazer is a vital piece of the Ivy League look. This stylish outerwear adds warmth to the classy preppy attire. For the ultimate comfort and style, complete your outfit with a woolen, three-button blazer.

ivy league blazers

Trench Coat or Pea Coat

Another important item that complements the Ivy League style is the coat, specifically the trench coat and the pea coat. Any of these selections is a stylish alternative to the time-tested preppy blazer.

brown wool blazer

black pea coat

Woolen Pullover Sweaters

Ivy League is all about wool, as proven by another prep style basic: the woolen pullover sweater. A truly versatile piece, it can be worn on its own, especially during the hotter months. It can also be layered with a button down shirt, which is featured next.

burgundy pullover sweater

chunky scarf

red pullover sweater

Button-Down Shirts

A button-down shirt is a classic top that adds a dash of sophistication to the Ivy League look. Although it is usually layered with a pullover sweater, it can be worn on its own as well. Should you go for this sweater-less style, top the button-down shirt with a blazer or a trench coat for an elegant fall ensemble.
button down top

pullover sweater


Jeans might be your favorite, but if you want an Ivy League look, then wear a good pair of slacks. Traditional colors such as black, navy blue and khaki are classical must-haves, although you can freshen up the look with jewel-toned or patterned slacks.

green preppy slacks

Plaid Top

Plaid is a pattern that is almost always associated with the Ivy League look. It is often used as a layering alternative to the button-down shirt. However, it is best worn by itself  – for all people to see. After all, why would you hide the cute patterns?

red plaid top

Penny Loafers

When it comes to footwear, penny loafers are the top choice. For a youthful preppy look, wear it with socks. But if you want a matured look, pair it with textured hosiery instead.

red penny loafers

black penny loafers

The Ivy League style is not exclusive for college girls anymore. Attain this smart and casual look by assembling an outfit with these basic preppy pieces.

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